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Hidden Beaches

Hidden Beaches, History and Family Fun in Oxnard and Ventura

Plan a day trip or weekend getaway filled with beaches, music, museums and sports the kids will love. Published: 08/05/2013 by Mimi Slawoff Situated between sultry Malibu and posh Santa Barbara, Ventura County is a rather underrated coastal and cultural destination. But sandy beaches, a plethora of recreational activities, year-round festivals and historic districts make Oxnard and Ventura an ideal family day trip or weekend getaway. Ventura is also the gateway to Channel Islands National Park, accessible from Channel Islands Harbor via Island Packers. Oxnard Once a retreat for actors such as Clark Gable, Charlie Chaplin and John Wayne, Oxnard...

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Feeding Family Ties In San Diego

This nearby getaway destination offers the perfect combo of relaxation and family fun By Ron Epstein By the time our girls were each around 4 years old, we realized that they were pretty self-sufficient travelers – and that they enjoyed going places. So we bought them their own luggage, showed them how and what to pack, and let them choose things to do on long car drives or plane rides. Over the years, our family vacations became highlights for us, as much because of the new places we explored – Montreal, British Columbia; Vancouver; Orlando, Fla.; New York; New England...

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Managing Middle School

Help Your Child Through the Big Transition With These Tips By Elena Epstein I’ll never forget my oldest daughter’s first day of middle school. There was the scariness of a new place – not unlike the first day of kindergarten – only this time we didn’t have a sweet teacher taking her hand to reassure her everything would be OK. It was hard leaving our neighborhood elementary school, where most parents walked their kids into the schoolyard every morning. We were leaving behind Halloween parades, citizen-of-the-month assemblies, class plays and holiday parties. Middle school was multiple buildings, changing in a...

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