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Families Find Freedom to Splash at CSUN’s Center for Achievement

Kids and water can be a natural recipe for fun, but parents sometimes struggle to find a comfortable and safe swim environment for children with different abilities. An adaptive aquatics program at Cal State Northridge fills this need – and offers valuable experience for future occupational and physical therapists. At CSUN’s Center of Achievement, children age 3-18 with disabilities can enjoy activities in a therapeutic indoor pool. Adaptive Aquatics for Children emphasizes individual goals for aquatic skills, including basic swimming and water safety, and helps participants improve balance and mobility. Undergraduate kinesiology students provide one-on-one guidance and bring a lot...

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Find Sports for All at the Angel City Games

Asher Stewart likes to keep moving. He was born without a fibula (shin bone) in one leg and there was an issue with his other foot. Doctors thought it best to amputate part of the leg, and planned for the surgery to take place when he was a year old. “At 6 months, he was trying to walk,” says Asher’s father, John. “Nothing’s ever stopped him.” The Angel City Games are a perfect place for Asher, who is now 8 and – with the help of a prosthetic foot and a runner’s prosthetic leg – plays basketball and baseball, practices...

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Don’t-Miss Events for June 2017

In June, you’ll find hula dancers, arts and artists, paddlers, dogs, tigers and a zoo full of fun.

Toddle and Spin at Baby DJ School

For a unique musical experience, visit Baby DJ School in Santa Monica or West Hollywood. Run by enthusiastic teacher Anna Wallace (also known as “DJ Annie Wonder”), this isn’t your typical children’s music class with guitars, pianos and drums. Instead, kids ages 2 months to 5 years are introduced to faders, laptops, vinyl records, turntables and other DJ equipment. The 45-minute lessons also feature one-of-a-kind songs such as “Makin’ our Favorite Beat Drop” and “Daddy Loves Disco.” Wallace’s love of music and children radiates outward, making the class fun and engaging. Each child gets to handle and spin records, using...

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Photographing Babies Who Are Worth the Wait

Amanda Naor is an L.A.-based newborn and family photographer, but she isn’t a parent – not yet, anyway. She and her husband have been on an infertility journey that began in June of 2015 and she is determined to tell their story to call attention to the plight of couples who struggle to get pregnant. If you needed medical help to become pregnant or have adopted a child because of infertility, she wants to tell your story as well. And she just might offer you and your family a free photo session. Every month, as part of her #WorthTheWait series,...

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Kid Artists Lending a Hand and Trucking Our Streets Clean

  As Los Angeles Sanitation (LASAN) department trucks in South L.A. go about their business this month, they’ll be spreading messages about “Keeping Our Streets Clean, Every Day in Every Way” thanks to 10 students from the Los Angeles Unified School District lending a hand with their talent. Winners of LASAN’s Earth Day L.A. Artwork Contest, the students will have their art displayed on the trucks through mid-June. More than 75 submissions came in from 25 LAUSD elementary schools, and winners were awarded at LASAN’s annual Earth Day event in Exposition Park. Best-in-show-prize winner Natalie Gonzalez, a fourth grader at...

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An L.A. Mosquito and Zika Virus Update

Summer vacation is upon us and mosquito season will last until November. That means the mosquito borne zika virus known to cause birth defects if a woman is infected during pregnancy will be in the news once again. Diana Ramos, M.D., director for reproductive health at the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, says we all need to protect our children's health and our families by making smart travel decisions, but also taking measures at home to prevent mosquito-transmitted diseases. How prevalent is the Zika virus in L.A. County and where are the mosquitoes that carry it, the Aedes aegypti, most likely...

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Tween Time: A Memorable Memory Play

“Memory 5D+” might sound like an app (with more appeal for the middle-aged than for tweens), but it couldn’t be more human. The production is a multimillion-dollar, multisensory theatrical experience featuring more than 35 Chinese musicians, dancers, acrobats and singers that will appeal to teens and tweens. The “Memory” in the show’s name refers to the traditional Chinese music and dance that form the core of this production. Musicians will play rare Chinese instruments including the konghou (a harp), guqin (a seven-stringed zither) and topshur (a two-stringed lute) that typically aren’t heard in the U.S. The “5D+” part of the...

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Talking to Kids About the Manchester Attack

On Monday night, May 22, a suicide bomber set off explosions that killed at least 22 people and injured 59 more outside Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. The crowd was there to see a concert by pop star Ariana Grande, so many of those injured and killed were kids and families. Because of Grande’s popularity with tweens, it’s likely your kids have heard at least something about the attack. They might even be wondering whether something similar could happen at events they attend. The National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement at USC has some helpful advice: Start by asking...

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Having a Safe and Healthy Summer Camp Experience

If you’re like many parents right now, you’re busy deciding which summer camp your children will be attending and thinking about how to prepare them for a fun, healthy and safe experience away from home. With those decisions, it’s natural for parents to experience some anxiety; especially for those who have first-time campers or children with chronic health issues. The following recommendations are based on my years of experience as a family nurse practitioner who has completed hundreds of camp physical exams: Camp Choice If you’ve yet to make a final camp decision, make sure the options you are considering...

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