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baby led weaning

Cookbook Review: Food Intros for Baby Made Family Friendly

Gone are the days when feeding Baby solid foods meant opening a jar or making purée after time consuming purée at home.  With “The Baby-Led Weaning Family Cookbook” from Gill Rapley, Ph.D., and Tracey Murkett, a baby just beginning to enjoy basic foods doesn’t need to have a separate meal from the rest of the family. With more than 100 easy and fast recipes that are healthy, easily digested by babies and include versions for grown-ups, everyone can enjoy the same meals together.  The bright, fun cookbook is beautifully laid out with mouthwatering photos throughout. Rapley and Murkett explain the...

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Don’t Miss L.A. Parent’s Inclusive Day L.A.

L.A. Parent’s Inclusive Day L.A. is happening Sept. 16 at Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Recreation Center (14201 Huston St., Sherman Oaks) from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. This celebration of children of all abilities and their families will be a day filled with fun times and valuable information. Kids can enjoy an adaptive playground with equipment that is accessible to wheelchairs and all others. We will be on the lookout for some special kids to feature on upcoming covers, so stop by the L.A. Parent table for details! The Zimmer Children’s Museum will be there with sensory-friendly arts and crafts, while Kid...

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kids and chores

Kids and Chores: In Defense of the Sticker Chart

There are quite a few online articles and posts about kids and rewards that speak to the dangers of sticker charts, behavior charts, reward systems or anything that involves external compensation for kids doing things that they are just supposed to do.   The problem, some argue, is that if kids get used to being rewarded with prizes, they will come to expect it and only do things when there is a direct reward involved. They will also expect each chore or instruction to be open for negotiation. (“What will you give me?”)  Yup, that can all happen. But it’s not...

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heather rigby

Ford Theatres’ Heather Rigby On Building Community Through the Arts

Heather Rigby is an L.A. native, born and raised in Studio City, who left the Valley to become a pre-med major at Harvard University. While adjusting to college life in Cambridge, she discovered that her true passion is the arts. For the past 11 years, Rigby has worked at the Ford Theatres, an historic 1200-seat outdoor amphitheater in Hollywood. Her job is to create dynamic programming that represents the rich diversity and culture of Los Angeles. Before becoming managing director of the Ford, Rigby served as the general manager of productions for the Ford and Los Angeles County Arts Commission....

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7 Things You Should Do In September

Celebrate early learning, ukuleles and bubbles, visit the County Fair and the dinosaurs, and enjoy festive culture and a bilingual Aladdin during the month of September.

annual checkup checklist

An Annual Checkup Checklist for Your Child at Every Age

Now that summer is over and we’re getting back to getting things done, it’s time to think about your kids' annual checkup. Jayme Heath, M.D., is assistant clinical professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and a pediatrician at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, and has some great advice about making the most of those visits. What is the best timing for an annual checkup for kids? When you’re making an appointment for your child, keep in mind that child’s schedule and what the best time of day for them is. Try to avoid regular nap times...

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audiobooks for kids

Audiobooks for Kids: Reads for the Road

Four years ago, my family and I were preparing for a camping trip to Camp Whitsett in the Sequoia National Forest with my son’s Cub Scout pack. Ben was 8 and he loved books. I loved to read to him, but I get carsick if I try to read in the car. Obviously, my husband couldn’t read and drive at the same time. I was worried Ben would get bored 10 minutes into the four-hour ride, leading to many hours of “Are we there yet?” I was dreading the trip before it even began. When I took Ben to the...

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lisa loeb lullaby girl

EXCLUSIVE! First Listen to Lisa Loeb’s Lullaby Girl

We have the exclusive first listen to Lisa Loeb's soothing version of "Inchworm" from her forthcoming release, "Lullaby Girl," out Oct. 6. The album will be available for streaming exclusively on Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music, as well as for digital download or physical purchase through Amazon Music. Lullaby Girl offers fresh and dreamy arrangements of 13 classic songs from a variety of genres, with a world-class quartet led by keyboardist Larry Goldings. The album, which was co-produced with Goldings and Loeb's longtime collaborator, Rich Jacques, reminds us why songs such as "Be My Baby" (The Ronettes), "All the...

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cycling with kids

2 Years on  2 Wheels: Cycling with Hank

When I was a single lad in my 20s living along the Miracle Mile, I commuted to work in Santa Monica by bicycle. Four days a week, I placed my young life in the hands of Los Angeles traffic. This was unwise according to my future wife, who worked as an RN in the ICU at Cedars-Sinai and saw countless critical bike accidents, the details of which I will mercifully spare you. I always attempted to be as safe as possible – helmet, reflectors, bright clothes, the whole nine – yet there was the inevitable Beverly Hills octogenarian’s Mercedes poking its blind nose at...

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Family Recipes: A Sweet Summer Salad from Fabio Ugoletti

A traditional Italian panzanella salad, a Tuscan classic, includes tomato, onion, cucumber and chunks of sturdy bread. But Fabio Ugoletti, chef at Bettolino Kitchen in Redondo Beach and father of daughters ages 5 and 9, gives his a kid-friendly twist.   The Michelin-starred chef substitutes watermelon for the summer tomatoes. “The flavor is a little sweet,” Ugoletti says.  He came to Southern California from his native Florence almost three years ago to help start Bettolino Kitchen, and he and his family enjoy the outdoor life. “I don’t have a lot of free time,” says Ugoletti, “but we enjoy the beach and...

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