Science Center Exhibit Focuses on Global Harmony

Submitted by The California Science Center

Los Angeles attraction Earth in Concert

Earth in Concert fuses the emotional power of music with the new discoveries of science. PHOTOS COURTESY CALIFORNIA SCIENCE CENTER

The California Science Center, the GRAMMY Museum, and Global Wildlife Conservation have partnered to create the one-of-a-kind exhibit Earth in Concert: Protecting the Planet through Music. Featuring multimedia and interactive experiences, Earth in Concert examines the status of biodiversity in our oceans, grasslands and forests, while exploring how several artists and musicians have helped raise awareness of the global issues that present threats to our planet. Artists featured in the exhibit include Sheryl Crow, Jack Johnson, Ziggy Marley, Willie Nelson, Sting and Pharrell Williams. Earth in Concert opened at the California Science Center on Nov. 12.

“This exhibit demonstrates a remarkable blend of art and science,” says California Science Center President Jeffrey Rudolph. “The work of these notable musicians illustrates the need to protect the biodiversity in our natural world.”

Earth in Concert fuses the emotional power of music with the new discoveries of science to inform, inspire and reveal how leading musicians are supporting the efforts scientists are taking to preserve our natural world. Exhibit highlights include:


  • Original writings, unique footage and personal artifacts from the featured artists and other well-known musicians, informing visitors how they are working to protect the Earth’s biodiversity, the wider ecosystem, and the indigenous people who are key guardians of our natural resources
  • An examination of the diversity of species that settle on tropical coral reefs
  • Visitors will also get to help Jack Johnson complete a new composition about reducing plastic pollution in the ocean in order to inspire others to action
  • The opportunity to listen to isolated animal calls and match the sound to the species that made them, similar to the methods ecologists use to explore biodiversity
  • Exhibit visitors will also use their sense of sight and touch to investigate animal adaptations and guess whether an animal is a carnivore or herbivore.

“Our partnership with the California Science Center and Global Wildlife Conservation on this new exhibit will mark the first time the GRAMMY Museum has explored how artists have used music as a platform for shedding light on the many threats to our Earth’s biodiversity,” says Bob Santelli, executive director of the GRAMMY Museum. “We hope what visitors see and learn through Earth in Concert will inspire them to take steps to reduce their own ecological footprint.”

California Science Center visitors can enhance their experience at the Los Angeles attraction by also stopping by the “Ecosystems” exhibition, where concepts of biodiversity and conservation are introduced through live plants and animals, and hands-on science exhibits in 11 immersive environments. From walking through a living kelp forest to experimenting on a polar ice wall, explorers will investigate some of the Earth’s most fascinating ecosystems. Highlights include a 188,000-gallon kelp tank populated with more than 1,500 live fish, kelp and other marine life; a desert flash flood; and a special gallery dedicated to the urban ecology of Los Angeles. Ecosystems hosts 250 species of plants and animals.

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