Amazon Prime Video’s “Lost in Oz” Debuts as Animated Series

By Carolyn Richardson

lost in oz

3-year-old Mikko enjoys the portals portrayed in the first episode of the animated series that were recreated for the series premiere held at Neuehouse Hollywood. PHOTO BY CAROLYN RICHARDSON

Orbs, portals and ozonium exist in Amazon Prime Video’s newest release, an adaptation of “The Wizard of Oz.” Based on the “Oz” books by L. Frank Baum, “Lost in Oz,” is an animated series that expands on the Emmy-award winning Amazon Original special, “Lost in Oz: Extended Adventure.” The series features 13 half-hour episodes and gives little viewers a confident, STEM-loving, independent and quick-witted 12-year-old Dorothy Gale with dog Toto, a supporting cast of friends and enemies and a modern-day twist.

We attended the world premiere at Neuehouse Hollywood Aug. 1, where the creative co-working space was transformed into the magical and mystical Emerald City seen in the new series. There was a bubble show that made all the kids’ wildest bubble-blowing (and popping) dreams come true. A life-size moving time machine made of huge sprocket wheels that could be turned with a crank acted as the backdrop for photos featuring the creators of the series. Themed drinks kept grown-ups and kids happy and slime resembling the most magical element from the series, Ozonium, provided an engaging craft activity that fit right in with the midday fun.

“Lost in Oz” premieres on Amazon Prime Video in the US and UK Aug. 4.

Episode 1 spins the tornado angle on its head as Dorothy meets her Ozian friends in an Emerald City that has a shortage of magic, which she needs to get back home. Watch the trailer below for a sneak peek at the show, which teaches kids about resiliency, friendship and honesty. You must be an Amazon Prime member to watch “Lost in Oz” for free. Visit for more info.



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