6 Top Doughnut Shops

The greater Los Angeles area has an abundance of doughnut shops, and doughnuts make a great treat for the whole family. Check out one of these quirky and popular shops next time a doughnut craving hits.

Aladdin at the Pantages: A Magical Visit to Agrabah

As I waited for the curtain to go up on opening night of “Aladdin” at the Pantages Theater, I couldn’t help but wonder how the story would fare without the magic of Gilbert Gottfried, the late Robin Williams and Disney animation. I didn’t even have to wait until intermission for my answer: Delightfully. I’ve never seen a standing ovation before the end of a performance, but Michael James Scott’s Genie had us on our feet as he paused to catch his breath after the dance-and-magic marathon that is “Friend Like Me.” That and all your other favorite songs from the...

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7 Great Spots to Get Hot Chocolate

The temperature never drops below freezing in L.A., but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy winter treats. These places all offer a great cup of hot chocolate that’s sure to warm you up.

January Products We Love

A fun strolling bike, a mindful book for moms, a mat for making art, a cool baby gym and a kid-friendly meal service are this month’s picks from our editors.

Lauren Potter Stars in Short Film About Acting and Disabilities

Actors face many challenges, including seemingly endless strings of auditions that may or may not pay off. A new short film starring Lauren Potter, the scrappy cheerleader from “Glee,” spotlights what that can look like for actors with disabilities. Called “Headshot,” the 5-minute film was produced in partnership with AbilityFirst, a nonprofit dedicated to looking beyond disabilities and expanding possibilities. The film was directed by Eva Ye and in the fall garnered third place in a Big Heart Small Film competition highlighting the work of Pasadena-area nonprofits. In the film Potter, who has Down syndrome, portrays an actress braving a...

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For Jewish Kids With Disabilities, a New Learning Option

Chaya Chazanow and Sarah R’bibo have a lot in common. They are moms, they have kindergarten-age children with disabilities, they are Jewish – and they found what L.A. public schools were offering their kids just wasn’t enough. “It was always a fight to get what he needed,” Chazanow says of her 5-year-old son, who was born with a rare genetic disorder. What’s more, there were no Jewish schools in the greater Los Angeles area – one of the largest Jewish communities in the country – that served students with disabilities. That left Chazanow and other Jewish parents of children with...

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7 Don’t Miss Events in January

In January you can meet pirates, Ben Franklin and the Peanuts Gang, frolic with whales and golden dragon acrobats, enjoy free entertainment and learn about Japanese culture.

We Love Our Readers Holiday Giveaway

Just because we love you, we’ve partnered with our friends at the National Parenting Product Awards to give away some of the season’s hottest toys and games. We’ll be giving away a different toy each day – Dec. 5-19. Visit our Facebook page daily at Facebook.com/LAParent/. You may also enter by visiting the contest landing page here or by clicking the contest form below. Each giveaway will kick off at 7 a.m. and we will choose and notify the winner at 3 p.m. (If we don’t hear back from each winner within 24 hours, we’ll pick another.) All items must...

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Put Some Jingle in Your Holiday Giving!

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? We have some terrific, award-winning finds from the National Parenting Product Awards — robots with personalities, 3D printers that young kids can use, a play table that requires no tools to set up, a drum set for your littlest musician, a book starring your child as the hero, a yoga mat that also teaches the alphabet, and so much more. Check out “Jingle,” the National Parenting Product Awards’ annual gift guide. And for even more gift ideas, visit nappaawards.com.

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