Cavalia’s “Odysseo” Offers Magic for All Ages

By Tanya Dickson

cavalia's odysseo


When talent, beauty, art, choreography and skill come together, it‘s magic. When they come together with horses, music and breathtaking visual arts, it’s “Cavalia Odysseo.”

This experience is more than a show. It’s an event – and one for all ages. You don’t have to be a horse owner to appreciate this beautiful program.

The immense and creative staging, using an IMAX-size screen depicting various locations and natural images, becomes one of the characters, much like the live music, costumes and lighting does. Add to that acrobats, drummers, dancers, aerial artists, musicians and a lead vocalist along with the equestrians, and this is an event for all the senses.

“Odysseo” is a horse show like no other that I’ve seen. It brings about a deep appreciation for the relationship and training of rider and horse, their love and compassion and the patience required for working with these majestic animals.

The horsemanship is breathtaking. Whether riding two horses while standing with one foot on each saddle or performing acrobatic moves while the horses run at incredible speeds, the human performers in “Odysseo” could not be more spectacular.

There is a synergy to this show, with each scene flowing seamlessly into the next. The finale uses water flowing into the arena to create a small lake that provides for additional horse-and-rider performances that are as unique as they are skilled.

This show is a journey. From audience clapping and chanting with acrobats and drummers on faux desert sand, to a carousel that combines aerial artists with horses and riders to create one of the most beautiful portions of this show, “Odeysso” is an event that is not to be missed. And once seen, the magic of this incredible event stays with you for an incredible memory of joy and entertainment.

Odysseo is running through Jan. 8, under the white big top in Irvine. For times and ticket information, visit Cavalia’s website for Orange County here.


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