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twinkle time

The L.A.-based singer says “Just Dance” and more on her new CD. PHOTO BY ALBERTO VEGA

If you frequent children’s music shows around Southern California, then you probably have seen Twinkle Time. Known for their colorful, energetic performances, Twinkle and her band play several hundred times a year. The local singer also somehow found time to record a new album, “Just Dance,” which comes out this month.  

The title track is one of the tracks powered with a big dance beat, but Twinkle says “Just Dance” is about more than just dancing. “It’s a song about being in the moment, giving it everything you’ve got, letting your soul be free and being open to just dance!” she says. The singer, in fact, shows several musical sides on this CD. There’s the soulful groove of “Solar System,” the big rock sound of “We Got Good Manners Too!,” and even some jazz touches in “Twinklematics.” She says she grew up liking many types of music, and this CD includes “those styles all rolled into a Twinkle-jam.” 

Twinkle also takes an interest in imparting lessons within her songs – and beyond. For the past few years, she has been a brand ambassador for First 5 California. She describes this relationship as a “perfect fit,” because of the organization’s focus on the importance of arts, music and language education in a child’s life. Twinkle is also president of the Young Entertainment Awards. Founded by her educator parents, this nonprofit organization honors young performers’ achievements and provides scholarships.  

Twinkle, who grew up speaking English and Spanish, is known for her bilingual music. She doesn’t feature much Spanish on “Just Dance” but says that’s because she wants to make an all-Spanish album. For now, she is excited about sharing her new songs. She says that the crowd had an “awesome” reaction when Twinkle and Friends played “Just Dance” at a recent Levitt Pavilion concert, and she’s looking forward to playing more new tunes at upcoming Twinkle Time shows. Her next performance will be at 10 a.m. Sept. 21 at the Grove (189 The Grove Dr., L.A.). Visit her website at

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