Churned Creamery: A Sweet Spot to Beat the Heat This Summer

By Christina Jennings


The CroCream is a unique offering at The Churned Creamery.

Looking for fun activities for your little ones (who are out of school) that also offer a cool treat? Churned Creamery, a new and innovative ice cream shop, is here to delight and provide a “sweet” oasis from the summer heat. Located just inside the charming Westfield Topanga Mall, Churned Creamery is nestled close to the Children’s Play area, the iconic carousel and various children’s stores including The Children’s Place. The combination could make for a perfect afternoon with your little ones!

Churned Creamery offers a fun, high-tech twist on the traditional ice cream shop. It features small-batch ice creams in a variety of flavors, made in innovative, state-of-the-art churning equipment that allows for the ice cream to be frozen and served straight from the barrel. Children will be delighted as their ice cream is churned and scooped right before their eyes.

Some of the shop’s more popular ice cream flavors include the sweet-but-tangy Blood Orange and the classic and creamy Oreo, made with real Oreo cookies! But perhaps the most innovative dessert on the menu is the shop’s signature CroCream. It’s a buttery glazed croissant stuffed with freshly churned ice cream. The flaky croissant and cool ice cream are served with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar, creating a combination unlike any other. Yum!

Churned Creamery prides itself on using only the best artisanal and premium quality ingredients that are globally sourced and taste amazing. Come cool off indoors and satisfy your sweet tooth with a taste of one of Churned Creamery’s delectable desserts this summer!

For more information on Churned Creamery’s innovative methods visit:

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