Finny’s Screen Time Initiative Gives Parents a Say

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Community NewsHow to control and monitor screen time while preventing device addiction is a constant balancing act for parents. A Santa Monica-based app company is helping turn screen time into teachable moments and giving back at the same time. Finny recently released its parental engagement app with the goal of increasing awareness around device addiction making it easier for parents to control their child’s smartphones, but also make their screen time better.

Their “Devices Down” campaign urges parents to share their screen time experiences using #devicesdown. For every download of the mobile app, Finny will donate $1 to charitable partners that promote youth education. Co-Founder Alex Bush discussed the logic behind the initiative, “Even as a young start-up we feel it is important to support organizations like the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy that encourages parents to get involved in the learning process.” Liza McFadden, president of the Barbara Bush Foundation adds, “We love the idea of taking an everyday occurrence, like a child playing on a smartphone, and turning it into a learning opportunity.” She adds, “Innovation in the EdTech arena—like the work that Finny is doing—has the potential to make a positive impact on families.”

Community NewsFinny dubs itself a better parental control app because it interrupts unproductive device usage with custom learning moments approved by the parent. You can choose quiz subjects, set time limits on specific apps, and configure rewards and penalties for each child’s smartphone you manage. Whether its traditional academic subjects, trivia surrounding new topics, or promoting physical activity, Finny allows you to go beyond cutting a child’s smartphone off to making it into a learning opportunity. The goal is better use of a child’s time with the parent’s involvement and approval.

The product is currently available for download on Google Play with an iOS release scheduled for early 2016.  See below for instructions on how to participate in the #DevicesDown campaign. For more information about Finny, visit their website at


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