Current Issue: May 21, 2014

Fatherhood Brings Heart-expanding Moments

Just before I became a dad, I received a lot of advice and many predictions from family, friends and, frankly, everyone who saw my pregnant wife and I together. Most were predictable: You’ll be tired all the time. You’ll learn to sleep standing up. You’ll be doing laundry 24/7. The best comment I got was this one: Becoming a dad opens a new chamber in your heart that you didn’t know existed. That says it all, doesn’t it? There are a handful of times in life when you feel your heart expand. I remember when I met Elena, and that...

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Touré Roberts Wholeness

Father’s Day Reflection: Finding ‘Wholeness’ in the Midst of Brokenness

The countdown to Father’s Day is here, but for some people, the holiday is a reminder of the lack of emotional connection they have with their fathers. Touré Roberts, husband, father and pastor of Potter's House at One LA, reflects on his own father’s approach to parenting, and how his new book, “Wholeness,” speaks to overcoming childhood pain in order to become the best parent you can be. “I had to get healed from the brokenness that [my father’s] well-intentioned parenting caused me so that I could raise whole children,” says Roberts, who is married to Sarah Jakes Roberts, daughter of...

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Our 5 Fave Los Angeles Weekend Freebies (June 16-17)

It’s Father’s Day weekend! Let’s celebrate with some fun free events. On tap is a free kid concert, a family movie pajama party, a fun chalk festival, a swanky car show and a chance to make a cute gift for Dad. Let’s start with a chance to rock out with kid favorite Twinkle Time during Saturday’s Kids Club at Sherman Oaks Galleria from 11 a.m.-noon. The fun happens in the Plaza area, and there is shaded seating and free all-day parking validation as well. For nighttime fun, check out Cinemalibu’s Family Pajama Party from 5-8 p.m. Saturday at Malibu City...

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Water Play, Safety and Summer Fun at Great Wolf Lodge

My son loves to cajole me and my husband into having in-home campouts. As the clock ticks past his bedtime, he’ll run to his room, grab his blanket and pillow, then run back into the living room or our bedroom and sing: “We’re camping out!” For his birthday last weekend, we decided to take him and one of his best buddies for a little in-door “camping” fun beyond the confines of our house. We took them to Great Wolf Lodge Southern California in Garden Grove—a large cabin-looking resort for kids and families— one brimming with water rides, “Wolf Dens” and...

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YouthArts Winners

New Roads School Student Named 2018 U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts

"Conceptual social justice artist" sounds like a title for an over-40 survivor of a hate crime to me, but given the political climate, the prevalence of school shootings and the exposure of hate speech on social media, I'm reminded that it's no longer far-fetched to see a teenager become and artist activist. Sanna Legan uses her mix of mini-corsets, beaded tampons, sketches and multimedia art to address the harsh bullying she has endured, her experiences with A.D.H.D. and a myriad of other social issues including feminism and disordered eating, along with whatever is happening in her world. Legan, a 2018...

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