Dive Deep Without Leaving Shore

By Michael Berick

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Have a unique VR experience at theBlu at the Natural History Museum. PHOTO COURTESY NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM OF LOS ANGELES COUNTY AND WEVR

Starting March 6, you will be able to have an underwater adventure at the Natural History Museum without leaving the museum, or even getting wet! Its newest attraction “theBlu: An Underwater VR Experience” is an immersive virtual reality installation unlike anything else you can see at the museum.

Visitors will first enter a gallery lounge area and are introduced to VR technology and theBlu experience. Then they enter one of five “pods” where they will have a virtual reality adventure. There are three different VR experiences: an encounter with an 80-foot blue whale while swimming past a sunken ship, turtles and jellyfish migrating through a coral reef, and hidden sea creatures encountered on a deep dive into dark waters. Meanwhile, those not in the pods can watch the VR action on monitors streaming video in real time.

Advanced timed tickets are required for theBlu exhibition, and they can be purchased online at www.nhm.org. Tickets cost $10. Children must be at least 10 years old for this VR experience, and all participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

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