Family Recipe Fun with Fair Foods

By Christina Jennings

While I was growing up, summer always meant warm nights, family fun and trips to the fair. Although I loved the rides, my favorite part was always the yummy food I could find there. In George Geary’s new recipe book, “Fair Foods—The Most Popular and Offbeat Recipes from America’s State and County Fairs” from Santa Monica Press, he highlights some classic goodies and new favorites. Geary is an award-winning chef and this spunky new recipe book is loaded with more than 120 recipes, plus fun photos that are just as exciting as you’d expect a fair to be.

The book is also loaded with tips for creating fair food at home – from classic favorites such as All-American Apple Pie with Flaky Crust and Fried Pickles to newer and more exotic creations including Deep Fried Oreos and a Triple Cheeseburger Doughnut.

These cake pops are simple to make—if you don’t take any shortcuts. Follow the directions and your friends will ask you to bring them to every gathering.

Click here for more information or to purchase the book.

Cake Pops

Makes 36 cake pops

9-by-13-inch cake, baked and unfrosted

¼ cup prepared icing

family recipe

These cake pops are festive and simple to make. PHOTO BY TARYN ADAMS

8 ounces chocolate candy coating, melted and cooled

Toppings of your choice (sprinkles, chopped nuts, etc.)

Special Supplies: spring-loaded melon baller, 36 sucker sticks, Styrofoam ball (6 inch), baking sheet and parchment paper.

Crumble the cake in a mixing bowl, add the icing and mix together loosely. The mixture should form together easily.

Using a spring-loaded melon baller, scoop out the mixture and place the scoops on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Freeze for 20 minutes.

Remove the cake pops from the freezer. Dip a sucker stick about ¼ of an inch into the melted chocolate coating and poke into a cake pop. Repeat until all the sticks are attached to the pops.

Poke the cake pop sticks into the Styrofoam ball to hold the pops upright. Refrigerate for 10 minutes to harden.

Dip each cake pop into the chocolate coating. Before the coating dries, add toppings, if desired.

Poke the cake pops back into the Styrofoam ball and refrigerate for 10 more minutes to allow the coating and toppings to set.

Recipe reprinted from Fair Foods by George Geary/Santa Monica Press/August 2017

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