Flexi Lexi Yoga Pants Deliver Performance With a Dose of Cute

By Christina Elston

flexi lexi yoga pants


Yoga pants are great for any number of things: lounging, napping, running errands. If you like to actually practice yoga in yours, though, you’ll want some that perform at a higher level. Yoga pants from Flexi Lexi (www.flexilexi-fitness.com) won’t let you down.

The polyester-spandex pants come in a variety of eye-catching colors and patterns – from Aztec to pineapple to mint, watermelon wedges and neon-yellow. They also have a number of colors in an ombre pattern. They’re snug enough to stay put through vinyasa after vinyasa, but won’t pinch or bunch up when you’re in a twist.

I tried the Ombre. The $79 price tag makes them just slightly cheaper than top-shelf yoga wear from the likes of Beyond Yoga or lululemon, but their construction is solid and they’ve stood up well to several classes and several washings. I found the fabric breathable and the pants really comfortable. Even more fun is that they offer Kids and Minis pants – decorated with pineapples, flamingos and avocados, among other things – so your little yogi can match you pose for pose in the same pants. They even carry mermaid tails and Flexi ballerina tutus.

They also offer a range of other yoga-pant styles (harem, dancer’s leggings, etc.) and shorts, skorts, bralettes, leotards, swimwear and dresses. If those perform and wear as well as the yoga pants, they are well worth some online shopping. By the way, I usually wear black pants, and when I showed up in class in Flexi Lexi yoga pants, folks said, “Hey, you got new pants!” To see more of Flexi Lexi in action they can also be found on Instagram @flexilexi_fitness.

Editor’s Note: Be on the lookout for counterfeit Flexi Lexi pants. They recently shared an online video on their Facebook page(@flexilexi.fitness) on how to tell between Flexi Lexi and what they call “fakey“. See the video here

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