Get Away With a Holiday Heist

By Christina Elston

fun ideas for kids - Kidd's Jewelry Heist

Kidd’s Jewelry Heist in South Pasadena lets visitors hunt for treasures, and has designers on hand to help turn those into custom creations. PHOTO COURTESY KIDD’S JEWELRY HEIST

Wrap a Victorian parlor around a gangster hideout mixed with a pirate cave and you’ve got Kidd’s Jewelry Heist (, a gem of a hangout in back of the venerable Dinosaur Farm toy store at 1510 Mission St., South Pasadena. More treasure hunt than bead parlor, this is a great place to host a holiday party or a gift-making get-together.

Kelly Kidd opened the business in 2012, and expanded over the summer. Now Kidd’s has room for karaoke, parlor games and other party fun, and lots more places to hide the loot.

Guests at the Jewelry Heist rummage through vintage trunks, boxes, drawers, cubbies and treasure chests by the light of table lamps to gather beads and charms of wood, glass, bone, ceramics and metals for their creations. There’s plenty of sparkle, but there are also fun tribal, nature and warrior items and other fun ideas for kids.

The best perk, though, are Kidd’s helpful designers, who are standing by to help guests string their finds on silk, leather or a wide selection of chains. No fussing with threads and pliers. You design, they string.

Most party packages are two hours and include two designers, with prices ranging from $27-$32 per guest. (There are Book Club and Ladies Night Out packages for grown-ups.)

Drop-ins are also welcome on weekdays – best to call ahead – and Kidd’s designers are happy to help with your own creations, and even that bag of beads you’ve got parked in a drawer at home.

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