New Kindie Music For Upcoming Summer Road Trips

By Michael Berick

fun ideas for kids

The Okee Dokee Brothers create some fine traveling music. PHOTO BY ALEX JOHNSON

Summer is just around the corner and fun ideas for the kids are top priority. You can feel it in the air and you can see it on the school calendar. One thing that summer often brings is a family road trip, and it is often nice to have some music to accompany you on the journey. Here are five recently released CDs that can make your summer drive more entertaining.

When a CD is entitled Explorer Of The World,” you have to believe it will be good for road trips, and this proves true of Frances England’s delightful new album of tunes such as “My Street,” “See What I Can See” and the title track about getting out and observing the world around us. England also fills her music with a sunny, warm quality that fits the season.

The Sugar Free Allstars will get you groovin’ while you are out cruisin’. The popular group certainly brings the funk on their new self-titled release. Kids will receive a musical history lesson on the booty-shaking tune “Breakdancin’,” and “Grumpopotamus” will put everyone in a good mood. Drivers, however, should be warned not to try and act out the lyrics of “Monster Truck.”

A few years back, Eric Herman put out a CD named What A Ride, which is a perfect title for driving to. His new album, “Bubble Wrap,” is also quite entertaining and is packed with fun pop tunes such as “Take A Bath,” “Sunflower Seeds,” “You Are What You Eat” and, naturally, “Fun Times.”

Although school’s out for summer, as musical philosopher Alice Cooper once sang, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something. Local children’s musician Dan Crow imparts some lessons in science on his latest effort with fun ideas for kids, Concoctions But Crow keeps this album, with tunes that touch on various STEM themes, on the short side, so you won’t feel like you’re in a class.

The Okee Dokee Brothers craft albums inspired by their travels. Their new CD Saddle Up: A Western Adventure Album resulted from the duo’s month-long trek along the Continental Divide. These Grammy winners deliver a terrific set of songs on this disc, and their folksy campfire music works just as well inside a car as it does in the great outdoors.

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