GETTHERE Mentoring & Tutoring Now Open In West L.A.

Girls on computer - mentoring pageGETTHERE Mentoring & Tutoring, now open in West Los Angeles, offers a unique educational mentoring program geared toward teenagers and young adults seeking college admission. The program works with students starting as early as their freshman year in high school to assure they become competitive college applicants by the time the application process rolls around. Each student in the program meets regularly with a mentor who has a Master’s degree and college counseling experience.

Mentors work to make sure their students take appropriate classes, maintain strong GPAs, participate in relevant and enjoyable extracurricular activities, make use of relevant resources and develop valuable connections to those who are critical during the college application process. Mentors also help make the journey to college admission fun and stress-free.

When the time comes, mentors explore colleges with their students to find the best matches based on academic rigor, extracurricular opportunities, campus life, personality, location and their financial standing. Once colleges are chosen, mentors and students work together to fill out applications and write exemplary essays.

Applying to college is more competitive than ever before. GETTHERE understands the college admission process from the perspective of a university staff member, as well as from the perspective of a high-achieving student. To learn more about this program visit

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