How a Modern Daddy Does Work

By Mike Rothschild

Doyin Richards started as a devoted father of two, and is now a dad activist. PHOTO COURTESY DOYIN RICHARDS

Doyin Richards started as a devoted father of two, and is now a dad activist. PHOTO COURTESY DOYIN RICHARDS

For too many people, the stereotypical image of fatherhood is still either the bumbling dad who can’t do anything right or the uninvolved breadwinner who kicks back with a beer and leaves the tough stuff to Mom.

Fortunately, these stereotypes no longer apply to many modern dads. Nowhere is this more apparent than with Doyin Richards, a Los Angeles father of two girls who has taken his love of fatherhood to the next level. Two years ago, Richards started his parenting blog Daddy Doin’ Work as a medium to share his “passion for being a daddy.”

“I want Daddy Doin’ Work to be a place where moms and dads can see what true modern fatherhood is about,” Richards says. “At the end of the day, I’m just an everyday dad who loves his kids and is a supportive parenting partner with his wife – which really shouldn’t be all that newsworthy.”

Despite Richards’ modesty, it’s clear that his blend of straight-talking activism and self-deprecating storytelling is newsworthy. Since launching the blog, he’s become a regular writer for a number of parenting sites, and has made appearances on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Headline News and Good Day L.A. He serves as a voice for men who “know how to do our daughters’ hair, proudly rock baby carriers in public, play dress-up whenever we’re called upon, and take the responsibility of being the primary male role-model in our kids’ lives very seriously.”

Richards soon will be releasing his first book, “Daddy Doin’ Work: Empowering Mothers To Evolve Fatherhood,”which he targets toward women. “Nobody knows their men better than they do,” he says. “As a matter of fact, they often know their men better than these guys know themselves. The book gives an in-depth look into the minds of modern dads in a way that’s entertaining, informative and real.”

When not balancing his new career with his family, Richards also dabbles in political activism, most recently for a pair of bills in the California State Assembly to require changing tables in newly built men’s public bathrooms.

What one piece of advice would he give to new dads out there? “Show up and be present. That means spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Being a good dad requires really hard work, tedious work, and work that drives many of us insane at times,” he says. “But it never stops the great dads from creating memories that will last long after our bodies leave this Earth.”

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