City Language Immersion Charter Marches in Kingdom Day Parade LA

By Jennifer Kemmerer

king day parade la

Students from City Language Immersion Charter march in the Kingdom Day Parade in Los Angeles. PHOTO BY ANNIE DAVIS WEINGRAD

Parade watchers at the 32nd Annual Kingdom Day Parade Jan. 16 came face-to-face with cultural icons including Langston Hughes, Golda Meir, Magic Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Amelia Hernandez, Muhammad Ali, Benito Juarez, Edith Cowan, Steve Jobs, Ella Fitzgerald, and even Cleopatra and Moses – thanks to students from City Language Immersion Charter School (CLIC) in L.A.

Marching for their first time in the parade, the students came dressed as these and many other cultural heroes, joining the many marching bands, civic and community leaders and cultural groups honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by parading down Martin Luther King Boulevard that morning.

Each year, the school celebrates Culture Day, and each student selects someone they admire from her or his culture, dress up as that person and write a report, give a presentation or create an informational poster about that person. Culture Day culminates with the students in their costumes promenading around the school for the enjoyment and edification of parents and fellow students.

The lucky marchers who were chosen to reprise their Culture Day roles at this year’s Kingdom Day Parade were joined by many more CLICsters who lined up along the parade route to cheer on their schoolmates. The school now plans to add marching in the Kingdom Day parade to its many annual traditions.

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