LAUSD Board Approves 2017-2018 School Calendar

Submitted By Los Angeles Unified School District

la schoolsThe Board of Education today approved a new instructional calendar for Los Angeles Unified School District students for the 2017-18 school year, with classes starting in mid-August and ending in early June.

The board’s decision, approved by a 5-2 vote, maintains a one-week Thanksgiving break and a three-week winter break. Overall, the new calendar includes 180 instructional days, as required by state law.

Board members also asked Superintendent Michelle King to produce a report that looks at school calendars in coming years, including surveys of families and employees that will help shape content.

“It has become extremely clear to me over the last several months that our students, schools and families have completely different needs and preferences when it comes to the instructional calendar, and I look forward to receiving more data on these various options,” said Board Member Dr. Ref Rodriguez.

LA Schools


He added, “I will continue to advocate for a differentiated calendar—two separate calendars for our secondary schools and elementary schools, with overlapping Thanksgiving and winter breaks—because I believe our District can innovatively provide an option that is not simply a one-size-fits-all approach and is actually more responsive to what we’ve heard on the ground.”

Board Member Mónica Ratliff added, “I’m glad that the board voted to provide stability and continuity to our families and staff by maintaining the early start calendar for the next year, but I believe that the calendar should have been set for three years to allow for planning and to stop this continual calendar debate.”

All L.A. Unified schools will be using the same, traditional calendar next year. Bell Senior High School will be adopting the new calendar, replacing its year-round schedule.

“Yes we can!,” said Board Member Mónica García. “We promised to end forced busing and multi-track calendars and together we have. This marks the first time that LAUSD will provide every child an instructional program on a traditional academic calendar with 180 days. Thank you Voters and Community Partners.”

Visit the LAUSD website for more information.

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  1. We HATE having our kids go back to school in the SUMMER HEAT! – We used to use that time for cultural, education and travel but now they sit in a classroom. HOPING the A.C. works… this time. The school board seems to rarely return a phone call to parents complaining about the schedule. As explained by the teachers, who also hate it, it is to help seniors with testing?… so 11 other grades get to suffer and their parents too. Ridiculous!

    • You are the one who is being extremely selfish. Starting school in August helps ALL students taking AP classes, in which testing is administered in May, regardless of the LAUSD calendar. Instead of attacking the district for supporting their students and wanting them to succeed, why don’t you try attacking the College Board for having such an inane monopoly over testing that is so crucial to college acceptances. There is a real problem here, but it’s with the greedy “non-profit” whose last CEO made $1.3 Million, and not with LAUSD. Why don’t you actually learn about why they made this decision before you complain about the fact that you have to move your bourgeoisie vacation to earlier in the summer.

  2. No one should be going back to school in mid-August. Or in August period. This throws us off from the rest of the country and the rest of the world, shortens and disables the usual August summer vacations, makes Labor Day awkward. Just a terrible idea. LAUSD tried to call me several times as I had indicated I wanted to give input but I could not get ahold of anyone to call back when they were canvassing and getting parent opinions.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion, Laura. These start dates do seem to be a struggle for many families, as are early-morning start times.

  3. Yes we have different calendars than a lot of the rest of the country. Many schools start in July, which as a high school teacher is what I wish for my high school students so that they are not at a continued disadvantagle versus much of the rest of the country. As is mentioned by board member Rodriguez above, the best solution seems to be to have separate calendars for elementary and secondary with shared breaks.

  4. Why are LA schools open on Columbus Day? I’ve never heard of this before moving to LA. LAUSD closes for Cesar Chavez Day, but not for Columbus Day?! With all due respect Cesar Chavez Day is a recently contrived holiday.One rabble rouser decided to honor a fellow rabble rouser. I know you guys love your Obama out here, but as an Italian-American I find the elimination of the Columbus Day holiday to be offensive.

    My son is in 3rd grade. He told me that so far the only thing that they’ve covered in “History” is the history of Election Day. It went a little something like this: First only white men who owned land could vote; then women were allowed to vote, then non-whites were allowed to vote.

    Now I’m not debating the fact that the information is accurate. However, there are SO many other great things they could be learning about as well. I simply find the fact that the ONLY thing covered in “History ” thus far had such a negative connotation on it. Especially the way my son relayed it back to me, it was blatantly clear what the teacher’s agenda was.

    How about stressing the fact that ANYONE got to vote and participate in a democratic process back then was absolutely unheard of!!!! Instead she decide to whine about what she sees as injustice. It was the 1800’s.. how’s about using a little contextual logic!!!

    How about the kids learn about some other great things too… like say the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

    Perhaps they could also learn about how masses of people fled their homelands to flock here (and still do) seeking freedom and prosperity because we offer our citizens (and even a lot of non-citizens) the opportunity to speak freely, worship (or not worship) however they choose, and live in a society where most of the time the government does not run amuck in a state of unbridled tyranny.

    Please LAUSD teachers and administrators… Keep your biased, typically intellectually dishonest and incomplete, staunch, radical, pseudo-political agendas at home!!

    Our kids deserve a levelheaded and objective education. Our school system is not your indoctrination station!! Please and thank you.

  5. My kids and I are in Maryland and they have school on Columbus day too. This was not the case when I grew up in Brooklyn. We are now in the Montgomery County Public School area and we are very happy.

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