Everything You Need to Know About Life in College

By Christina Jennings

life in collegeWhether your student is heading off to a big university or staying local and attending your city’s community college, starting at a new college can be a fun and exciting time filled with self-exploration, new friends and tons of memorable moments. In “UChic—The College Girl’s Guide to Everything,” author Christie Garton seeks advice from more than 50 girls who attended colleges all over the nation and draws from her own college experiences to create a go-to-guide for understanding what life is like in college directly from students on campus.

This comprehensive guide outlines several key things I wish I’d known before I started my freshman year. Covering everything from how to make the most of living with new people to scheduling classes, picking majors and the do’s and don’ts of joining sororities, this book is a valuable resource for any girl unsure of what to expect during her first term in post-secondary school. Navigating unfamiliar territory in a place where you’re most often away from your parents for the first time can be daunting, but Garton’s book comes as a breath of fresh air and is written in a way that makes it incredibly relatable.

Parents would be proud to give this book as a gift or stick on their child’s bookshelf after college dorm move-in day. Now in it’s 5th edition, the book now covers social media, internet safety and current issues that parents may not be able to relate to their own college experience. The book is also a great conversation starter to quell the anxiety and fears with leaving home and venturing into adulthood through going to university. Author Christie Garton is the founder and CEO of UChic.com, the #1 online resource and networking community for high school and college-age women. With its “100% Behind You” commitment, the company gives a portion of its profits to the company’s Open Door Foundation, which supports young women in their academic and career pursuits. To purchase a copy of the book on Amazon, click here.

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