There’s Still Time to Create Your 2018 Vision Board

By Darralynn Hutson

2018 Vision Board

Vision boards can help you create a concrete visual record of what you want your year to look like. PHOTO BY DEMARK THOMPSON

Last year was a tough year for many communities, and even with the start of a new year, it might be hard to dream up a better future. But consider setting aside time to design a vision board for 2018. I have found that creating vision boards that capture what we want our year – and our lives – to look like is fun and aspirational and provides me with something to look back on as the year progresses.  

Vision boarding is the process of creating a collage of (usually) magazine photos and words on a poster board. It’s a messy process, but so is this business of living and pursuing our dreams and goals. You’ll need tons of magazines, poster board, markers or crayons, glue sticks and scissors. Start by asking “What do I want this year?” or “How do I want to live?” 

On the first Friday of 2018, about 30 people gathered at Cross Campus Downtown L.A. as part of “Visions and Vino,” a vision board workshop led by Shauna Royten, founder of the blog “Domestic Superwoman” and Ramona Wright, an integrative wellness life coach and podcast host of “The Chair.” 

Royten’s dream to star in a national commercial was realized shortly after she created last year’s vision board. Royten, her husband and their three young sons booked a national commercial with Honest Company, co-founded by actress Jessica Alba. “Vision boarding is an important tool because it allows you to take the goals and intentions that you have set for your life and creatively turn them into a picture map,” says Royten. “A vision board helps to both clarify and solidify your goals by displaying images that will motivate you to take daily action.” 

2018 vision board

Ramona Wright and Shauna Royten recently hosted a vision board workshop called “Visions & Vino.” PHOTO BY DEMARK THOMPSON

If you didn’t create a vision board at the top of the new year, it’s not too late. Get your materials together, set aside some time and dream with an anything-is-possible mindset. Write your dreams down and group them into four categories: 

  • Health/Beauty 
  • Finance/Wealth/Career 
  • Spirituality/Creativity/Higher Being 
  • Family/Community 

You could even do a multi-generational vision board for your family. Children can find pictures from magazines, newspapers and internet images. Young adults can find words or phrases that convey everyone’s dreams for the future. The elders can provide history, including famous quotes and tried-and-true mantras, until the board is full. Take the time to share your dreams as a group, because those dreams are validated in community. 

“The truth of the matter is that none of our dreams can happen alone,” says Pasadena resident Marcie Jones, who attended a recent vision board workshop. “I need people to hold me accountable.” 

After you finish, step back to admire your work. Whether you think it’s a beautiful piece of art or not, display it in your house or place of business so that you can see it on a daily basis. Now, go put those visions in motion.  

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