Portals Pop Up in Grand Park

By Michael Berick

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What is inside this gold shipping container will surprise you. PHOTO COURTESY SHARED STUDIOS

Some unusual objects will appear in Grand Park on April 10 – large gold shipping containers. And they aren’t part of a nefarious plot or props from an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster. The containers are the centerpiece of an installation created by the Portals Project. They will function as “portals” that allow park visitors to communicate with people at other “portals” around the world.

Twice a day, from April 10-23, you can attend a session inside a portal and communicate with residents of Mexico City, Berlin, Mumbai, India, Amman, Jordan, and Cuba. Each container will be rigged with video and audio equipment to allow face-to-face, real-time conversations with folks in these distant lands.

A multidisciplinary collective known as Shared_Studios created the global public art program that inspired the project. It is a creative, provocative approach to making the world feel not so vast and foreign, and a highly unique experience.

Go to www.grandparkla.org/portalsproject to RSVP and find out more about Portals.

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