South Bay Moms Can Work Out – And Give Back

By Carolyn Richardson

Los Angeles Events - Baby Boot Camp Sweat Angels

Linda Okwor, right, owner of three South Bay Baby Boot Camp franchises, wanted to find a way to help her moms give back while they work out. PHOTO COURTESY LINDA OKWOR

Baby Boot Camp has long relieved moms of an excuse for not working out by letting them bring their kids and baby bumps along for some exercise. Now three locations in the South Bay are giving them some extra incentive as well.

This supportive community of moms working out with their kids in tow has partnered with Sweat Angels, which allows businesses to use Facebook check-ins to donate to charity. Each month there is a new cause. In February, moms who attended BBC classes and checked in on Facebook helped provide 30 hours of care for shelter animals. This month, Sweat Angels is giving back to Greater Good, which offers minutes of therapy for children with autism or minutes of research into the disorder.

Linda Okwor, mom of two and owner of three South Bay Baby Boot Camp franchises, believes in the importance of giving back. “I wanted a way to continuously give back and share the experience with my Baby Boot Camp moms,” she says. Okwor is a nationally certified fitness and nutrition specialist with more than 15 years of experience. She says a New Year’s resolution and Facebook ad led her to Sweat Angels, which is helping connect her business with her community of moms and letting them give back while they take care of themselves.

Okwor says Baby Boot Camp has become a community that plays together as well. “It’s not just good for the physical, it’s great emotionally and socially as well,” she says, “knowing that there are people there who love you, who are looking for you, who want the best for you, and who are going through the same things.” Baby Boot Camp moms also receive nutrition advice and can take advantage of a birth recovery program and active playdates for members and their families.

Okwor’s group meets six mornings a week and will be adding an evening class this month. Locations include Del Amo Fashion Center, Los Angeles South Bay at The Point and La Romeria Park. Classes start at $50 per month, and the first class is free. For more information, visit Baby Boot Camp Los Angeles South Bay online, or call 877-319-1133.

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