Frozen Fruit Co Launches Flagship Soft Serve Store In Santa Monica

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Michael and Victoria Philippou left London, and their careers as lawyers, to bring their frozen-fruit creations to Santa Monica. PHOTO COURTESY FROZEN FRUIT CO

There is a new frozen dessert player in Santa Monica, one that aims to change your entire perception of what soft serve should taste like and be made of giving families in Los Angeles things to do.

The recently opened Frozen Fruit Co makes an entirely new type of soft serve made just from fruit. Dairy free, vegan, paleo and only sweetened with natural fruit sugars, it’s designed to be a completely healthy frozen treat.

This new type of soft serve was created by a husband-and-wife team of former London lawyers, Michael and Victoria Philippou. “We both have a massive sweet tooth, but wanted to create something which had a simple ingredient list but still packed a wow factor on taste,” says Michael. “Taste is our number-one priority. We wanted all of our flavors to offer a different culinary experience.”

Several years ago, Michael and Victoria got married and left their legal careers to begin their food journey. “It was really hard to know where to begin. We were trained as lawyers, not chefs,” says Victoria. “No one had even done this before. There were no set recipes to follow and we had to work out how to get the flavors to work using only fruit and natural fruit sugars.” Unlike frozen yogurt or sorbet, the couple’s recipes use no dairy or sugar syrup water base for their desserts, giving them a rich and naturally creamy texture and intense taste.

It took several years of product development and soft testing in the UK before they decided to move the concept to Santa Monica. “The dream was always to open a store in Santa Monica, where we believed the climate and taste profile would be best suited to our desserts,” says Victoria. So in 2015 they sold their house and everything they owned to make the move and open their Santa Monica store.

Frozen Fruit Co launches with four fruit flavors: Alphonso Mango & Strawberry, Raspberry & Orange, Coconut, Cacao & Date and Pineapple & Passionfruit. Customers can buy servings in a variety of cups or in a cone with a variety of toppings. All of the flavors are sweetened with either date syrup or natural fruit extracts of apple, pear and peach.

Frozen Fruit Co is located at 729 Montana Ave., Ste. 2, Santa Monica. Visit them online at

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