Meet The Squeegees – Again

By Michael Berick

L.A.’s Squeegees serve up super music on their Veggie Soup CD. PHOTO BY STEVE SHEMS

L.A.’s Squeegees serve up super music on their Veggie Soup CD. PHOTO BY STEVE SHEMS

The Squeegees are not newcomers to the Southern California family music scene. The group released their first album, Meet The Squeegees, in 2008. It was re-released a couple years later, and their new album, Veggie Soup, is a slow-cooked follow-up.

It is worth re-introducing yourselves to the band because there have been a number of changes since their debut album. Samantha Tobey from the original duo fronts the band with longtime bassist/singer Pierre de Reeder (who was a member of the acclaimed indie rock band Rilo Kiley). But The Squeegees have expanded from a duo to a full-size band with the addition of Chris Phillips, Moni Wood, Adriana Suyama and Anne Marie Ceralvo.

Veggie Soup features up-tempo, clever originals such as “Outer Space,” “I Can, I Can” and “Tweet, Tweet, Tweet;” several Spanish-language songs and the gentle traditionals “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “Hush Little Baby.”

“I feel like we have grown as a band and really focused on certain topics for songs that were meaningful to us,” says Tobey. Her hope is that the album “inspires a beautiful experience for the whole family, that parents enjoy and bond with their kids to our music.”

She and de Reeder are parents, which has influenced their music. “We know that the music has to be likable from the bottom to the top,” says de Reeder, “the youngest to the oldest of us.”

Veggie Soup is due out Nov. 4, and de Reeder says kids are liking the new songs. “Watching children light up and dance when our music comes on is unlike any other feeling,” says Tobey. “It is extraordinary!”

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