In-Home, Post-Natal Newborn Service Launches In Southern California

Orange County Mom Creates Non-Medical Post-Natal Newborn Service “Uccellino” to Assist New Parents with Newborn Care in the Comfort of their Own Home

Moms at Work Uccellino

Rani Khetarpal created Uccellino based on her personal experiences as a new mother.

Newborn babies typically don’t come with instruction manuals, but thanks to a new service created by the personal experiences of an Orange County mom, “motherly” advice and support can now be just a phone call or home visit away.

Uccellino, which in Italian means “little bird,” is an in-home, non-medical newborn resource that aims to help moms and dads transition when they bring home their newborn, and includes a personal Newborn Development Guide (NDG) and helpful web resources.

Rani Khetarpal created Uccellino based on her personal experiences as a new mother. Khetarpal, a working mother of two girls who were both born before term, knew the concerns a new mother has when welcoming a newborn child into the world. Through a government-funded program that was available when she gave birth, she was given an at-home nurse who assisted her with her firstborn, a preemie baby girl. Khetarpal wanted to pass along the same kind of compassionate service to new parents.

“My own struggles with a tiny little newborn, even though I had access to a nurse, fueled the concept of the service when you first bring your baby home,” says Khetarpal. “Our Newborn Development Guides are not nurses and do not address medical issues, but instead focus on sleep, feeding and other tips that help a new mom cope with the transformational changes when you first bring baby home.” The guides make home visits and offer support via phone and email, depending on the needs of the mom.

“Having someone there for me when I first came home was a life-saver,” Khertapal says. “Even though I thought I was prepared, having taken classes and done my own research, I was simply overwhelmed.  I knew there had to be a better way to get help, which is why I created this service for others. I wanted to make this service an affordable and valuable experience to mothers in need of additional support.”

Uccellino NDGs undergo a thorough training program, including a customized training conducted by Hoag Hospital. Uccellino offers various care plans ranging in price from $280 to $430 for different levels of access and services.

To learn more about Uccellino, visit

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