New Experiences At the Santa Barbara Zoo

  • Private African Animal Safari

    Discover the wonders of the African savannah with a guided safari. From lion trainings to feeding giraffes, you’ll have your choice of two wild adventures. $125-$745 per person. Learn more.

  • Horticulture Tour

    Explore the Zoo’s gardens with a knowledgeable guide. $40 per person. Learn more.

  • Creative Animal Art Session

    Help an animal unleash its creativity with positive reinforcement training. In this experience, you’ll receive a work of art, which will be a one-of-a-kind souvenir for you to take home. $134-$800 per person. Learn more.

  • Choose Your Own Zoo Adventure

    From elephants to anteaters, all the creatures of the wild are available to encounter in this bespoke experience. Choose three animals. $145-$845 per person. Learn more.

  • Be an Honorary Train Conductor

    All aboard! In this unique opportunity for young train hobbyists, the Santa Barbara Zoo invites you to help drive the first ride of the day. An official uniform is included. $445. Learn more.

  • Baby Bundle: Private Tour of the Veterinary Hospital

    Be one of the first to welcome a new addition to the Zoo. You’ll receive a birth announcement and an invitation to schedule a private tour as soon as a baby is born. $625. Learn more.

  • Animal Conservation and Endangered Species

    In this exclusive tour, you’ll meet with some of the Zoo’s ambassadors, including the California condor. $84-$500 per person. Learn more.

  • A Career Caring for Animals: Lunch and Learn with a Zoo Curator

    Learn the ins and outs of working as a zookeeper in this rare experience. Lunch and a private zoo tour are included in this exclusive encounter. $167-$500 per person. Learn more.

Anyone can visit the Santa Barbara Zoo, but how about getting a chance to paint with an elephant or a porcupine, hand-feed a giraffe or meet the latest newborn critter in the zoo nursery? All of these VIP experiences and more are now possible thanks to a slew of new, exclusive packages just launched by the SB Zoo on IfOnly, a marketplace for experiences that support charitable causes.

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