3 New Reasons to Visit LEGOLAND this Summer

By Melissa Gage

SoCal isn’t short on summer escapes or family fun, but LEGOLAND has some fun new reasons to consider a quick trip to Carlsbad. Opening June 30, the waterpark’s new Surfers’ Cove expansion will feature a 100-foot waterslide where six adventurous souls can hop on mats and race to the bottom.

Riptide Racers juices up the competition with digital stopwatches that keep time over each slide, so there’s an undisputed winner at the end. Said winner can then pose with a LEGO trophy for a photo op to accompany their bragging rights.

Expect to see plenty of LEGO surfboards—and even a surfing dog—at the beach-themed waterpark expansion. Surfers’ Cove will also include Wipeout Lagoon, a “spray ground” where kids can frolic among a series of water jets.

Perhaps even more exciting is the new food option in Surfers’ Cove: Beach Street Tacos. Authentic taqueria-style selections include carne asada, carnitas and the popular crispy fish tacos. Bonus: craft beer on tap for the adults.

Over on the park’s dry side, Star Wars fans can’t miss six new scenes from “The Force Awakens” in LEGO STAR WARS Miniland. Lights, sound effects and animation add to the experience and the 16-foot, 350,000-piece Star Destroyer Finalizer is sure to impress.

You could drive the two hours back to L.A. after an adventurous day, but LEGOLAND Hotel beckons with new NINJAGO rooms. Based on last year’s popular new karate-chopping game where you get to battle the bad guys, the NINJAGO-themed rooms let you bunk up with the likes of ninja heroes Kai, Jay and Nya.

The new rooms join a themed-room lineup that includes Pirate, Adventure, Kingdom and LEGO Friends options. Kids cozy up in a separate sleeping area with bunk beds and their own TV. Playful details include a treasure chest kids can unlock by solving clues to crack the code.

Opened in 2013, the whimsical LEGOLAND Hotel has plenty to keep kids entertained, from LEGO building contests and swim-in movies to hidden whoopee cushions and an epic three-hour dance party. We dare you to try and resist the latter.

From racing waterslides to DJs spinning dance jams, LEGOLAND is tapped into what kids want. And when the kids are happy? Mom and Dad get to relax.

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