Positive Parenting: Getting Some Headspace with a New App

By Christina Elston

positive parenting

A mindful young user gets some Headspace at a launch event in Los Angeles. PHOTO COURTESY HEADSPACE

Parents looking to give their kids a mindfulness boost – and get one for themselves – have a new option. This summer, the creators of the Headspace meditation app launched Headspace for Kids.

Available to Headspace subscribers ($7.99-$12.95 per month), Headspace for Kids features meditations on five themes – calm, kindness, focus, sleep and waking up – for ages 5 and younger, 6-8 and 9-12. The meditations are designed for children and parents to do together. Content for kids has been a frequent request from Headspace users, according to co-founder Andy Puddicombe. “I think parents have seen the benefits of Headspace in their own lives, and wanted to be able to pass those on to their children,” he says.

As with Headspace for adults, Headspace for Kids meditations are simple and accessible. The Kindness sessions, for instance, begin by asking kids to imagine giving someone they care about something that person really likes – then noticing how that makes them feel. The meditations last one to nine minutes, and vary by age group.

“Far more so than with adults, who have a tendency to need to understand meditation intellectually, kids just do it,” says Puddicombe, who worked through pilot programs in schools to develop the content. “But we also learned that even 10 minutes can be quite a long time for kids, so we tried to create a solution that responded to their capabilities at different ages.”

For parents new to meditation, another nice thing about Headspace is that the adult user has to work through the introductory Take 10 sessions – a series of 10 daily meditations, each lasting 10 minutes, that introduce mindfulness concepts and help establish the meditation habit – before they can access the content for kids. It’s a great way to launch your own practice, and then bring your kids with you.

Learn more at www.headspace.com.

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