“Girl Meets World’s” Sabrina Carpenter Visits Neverland

By Michael Berick

Sabrina Carpenter is darling as Wendy in Peter Pan and Tinker Bell – A Pirates Christmas. PHOTO BY F. SCOTT SCHAFER

Sabrina Carpenter is darling as Wendy in Peter Pan and Tinker Bell – A Pirates Christmas. PHOTO BY F. SCOTT SCHAFER

Sabrina Carpenter has a lot to be excited about. The 16-year-old stars in the popular Disney Channel comedy “Girl Meets World,” and earlier this year she put out a major-label CD, Eyes Wide Open. But at the moment she is most excited about playing Wendy in the Lythgoe Family Production of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell – A Pirates Christmas at the Pasadena Playhouse.

“I’ve always wanted to do theater. It will put me to the test,” says Carpenter, who admits that live theater is a new experience for her. She has had friends in prior Lythgoe Panto-inspired musical comedies, and is eager to join in the fun. Peter Pan is one of Carpenter’s favorite stories because the idea of never wanting to grow up resonates with her. In show business, she says, “everyone is a big kid.”

The Pennsylvania native was just a little kid when she first became interested in performing. “I always knew [my career] would have to be something in the arts,” she says. “I was always very determined.” At 6, Carpenter wanted to become a singer, and she caught the acting bug around age 10. She experienced early success in both, becoming a finalist in a 2009 Miley Cyrus “Are You A Superstar” competition and making her acting debut the following year in an episode of “Law & Order SVU.”

Her two talents work together. “I probably have been acting my whole life,” says Carpenter, who adds that being an actor is “like being stuck in a Halloween costume every day.” She has found that her acting background helps her tell stories through song, while her singing helps her find a rhythm when she delivers lines as an actor.

Despite her early success, Carpenter claims her motto is, “Slow and steady wins the race.” But that doesn’t mean she is taking it easy. During her break from “Girl Meets World” she is working on her second album. And early in 2016 she’ll star in the Disney Channel remake of Adventures in Babysitting.

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