Shop Talk: Back-to-School Fun and Games

By Carolyn Richardson

  • The Thrill of Engineering

    Kids can create a thrilling ride using the laws of physics and elements of logic in ThinkFun’s Roller Coaster Challenge ($29.99,

  • Cute Clips With Sniffs

    Accessorize and personalize your child’s stuff with Whiffer Sniffers backpack clips ($7.99, The fruit- and sweet-treat-themed collectibles clip on easily and smell delightful.

  • Overcoming Back-to-School Jitters

    Your child can practice social skills with your help and “What to Do When You Feel Too Shy” from Magination Press ($15.95, The book lays out real-life scenarios to develop confidence and open communication.

  • Listen and Share

    Whether it’s an educational app or their favorite tunes, kids ages 6 and up can use Lil Gadgets’ Connect+ Pro ($29, and connect multiple sets of headphones to the same device.

  • Number Play

    Math for Love’s Tiny Polka Dot ($14.95, is a card game for kids in Pre-K to second grade, while Prime Climb ($29.95, challenges players ages 10 and up to add, subtract, divide and multiply their way to victory.

A smooth transition back to school starts well before the first day. These NAPPA Award-winning games and gear will help you get ready for the upcoming school year at home, on the go and at school.

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