Shop Talk: Get Things Moving

By Carolyn Richardson

  • Help Them Plan

    Help kids take ownership of their schedules and school assignments with Planners4Kids ($25;; 8+). They have personalized photo covers and a how-to page for young planners.

  • Patrol Tween Cyberspace

    Keep tabs on more than 20 social media platforms plus iOS and Android texting and email with Bark ($9/month; The app tells you what your kids are doing online and how to address it.

  • Play Brain Games

    You won’t need Wi-Fi to tackle the 120 challenges in the SmartGames’ IQ Focus puzzle game ($9.99;; 6+). The compact game board goes anywhere, with a transparent lid to hold the pieces and challenge booklet.

  • Take a Hike

    Step up your family walk with KEEN Kids’ Hikeport Waterproof Shoes ($69.99;, a lightweight, waterproof sneaker that lets kids follow their curiosity in comfort.

  • Hop and Stretch

    The Teach My Hop and Learn Yoga Mat Set ($24.99;; Ages 3+) makes learning fun with hopscotch (and numbers shapes and colors) on one side and letter-inspired yoga poses on the other.

The new school year is here and it’s time to get busy (as if you weren’t already). These NAPPA award-winning products will help your kids stretch their bodies and brains, while you help them with time-management skills and keep them safe online.

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