Shop Talk: New Parents’ Survival Kit

By Carolyn Richardson

  • Hands Full

    When you’re juggling diaper bags, car seats and other gear, you’ll love Contours Love 3-in-1 Baby Carrier ($99.99, Its front buckles make it simple to get on and off, keeping your hands free and the baby close with three different carrying positions.

  • Hands Up

    “Enjoying the Parenting Roller Coaster” ($19.95, by Marie Masterson, Ph.D., and Katharine Kersey sets out to help to make parenting the joy it is meant to be – and delivers. Reviewer Elena Epstein says, “the message throughout the book is positive and consistent.”

  • Keeping Up with Milestones

    Sharing is caring in the world of social media. Ditch the stickers and scrapbooks and post Baby’s milestone photos with extra pizazz using the Baby Pics App ($2.99,, which lets you add adorable art and personalized text.

  • Big Brother, Big Sister

    While you’re busy with Baby, older siblings will be happy to play with the My Little Pediatrician Kit ($49.99,, which comes with a plush doll, a lab coat, workbook, markers and a tape measure in a mini-Finnish baby box.

  • All Covered Up

    Whether you’re grocery shopping, on the road or just feeding Baby, KidsNSuch ( has you covered with a handy car canopy and nursing cover, both $22.99, and a multi-use cover, $24.99. for shade and privacy.

When their bundle of joy arrives, new parents experience a whirlwind of change. These handy products will help calm the storm and smooth the way for moms and dads.

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