Stephen “tWitch” Boss: On the Joys of Fatherhood

By Elena Epstein


Stephen “tWitch” Boss says his family – including stepdaughter Weslie Fowler, son Maddox and wife Allison – are “everything.” PHOTO BY DENICE DUFF

You might know him as the resident DJ on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” every so often showing off his awesome dance moves alongside Ellen herself. As a hip-hop dancer, entertainer, actor and former “So You Think You Can Dance” star, Stephen “tWitch” Boss has had some great gigs, but he is quick to admit that his favorite is being a dad. He married Allison Holker of “Dancing with the Stars” in 2013, becoming stepdad to her daughter, Weslie Fowler. Last year, Boss and Allison welcomed son Maddox, who turned 1 in March. I recently chatted with Boss about how fatherhood has changed him and how he strives every day to be the best possible dad to his son and stepdaughter.

Tell us how you handled instant fatherhood when you got married.

It was a huge moment for me, but I was ready going into it. I had a stepfather myself, so I could relate to the situation. I see myself as an extra source of unconditional love. I wanted to take the time to build and nurture my own personal relationship with her. Every day before school, Weslie and I make a Starbucks stop. That’s our special time in the morning. We have our own handshake. We build LEGOs together and play video games together. There are certain things that just the two of us do together and that’s very special to me.

What’s it been like being a first-time parent to an infant?

I really tried to soak up every minute of it. I didn’t mind getting up in the middle of the night or feeding him every two hours. I loved Maddox in my arms and him falling asleep on me. I was so appreciative of this time because I know he will grow up fast and in the big picture of life, this time is very short. Going from one child to two changes everything, and it’s not always easy. Your time is no longer yours, but there is so much joy to be found. I love seeing Maddox’s relationship with his sister – that dynamic is incredible.

What’s been the most challenging part of fatherhood?

Finding the balance between work life and home life. I love my work, but I also want to have quality time to nurture my relationship with my wife, daughter and son. I’ve been looking to working parents who have strong relationships with their kids and seeing how they’re making it work. Kids are also the hardest reflective surfaces for us. They teach us a lot and they force us to re-evaluate a lot of our old paradigms. Right now everything is under scrutiny for me. I want to be the best father that I can be.

Did you always know you wanted to be a dad?

I did. My own father wasn’t very involved in my life, but I always had a burning desire to have a family. To be called “Dad” is the greatest gift for me. My family is everything to me. I love coming home and having dinner together, playing games, reading books, sitting on the couch together watching a movie. We’re starting to create our own family traditions. It’s a work in progress, but I continue to discover a whole new level of love for them. So far, so wonderful.

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