Tween Time: A Memorable Memory Play

By Michael Berick

teens and tweens

Experience the world premiere of a Chinese song and dance spectacular. PHOTO COURTESY OF MEMORY 5D+

“Memory 5D+” might sound like an app (with more appeal for the middle-aged than for tweens), but it couldn’t be more human. The production is a multimillion-dollar, multisensory theatrical experience featuring more than 35 Chinese musicians, dancers, acrobats and singers that will appeal to teens and tweens.

The “Memory” in the show’s name refers to the traditional Chinese music and dance that form the core of this production. Musicians will play rare Chinese instruments including the konghou (a harp), guqin (a seven-stringed zither) and topshur (a two-stringed lute) that typically aren’t heard in the U.S. The “5D+” part of the name reflects the show’s high-tech elements. The artists perform on stage before a large, immersive backdrop that envelops them and the audience in an array of stunning visuals that evoke Chinese cultural history.

“Memory 5D+” should add up to a memorable evening for the ears, eyes and mind, and a bit of perspective for your tween. The show, which is recommended for ages 10 and older, will have its world premiere at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium (300 East Green St., Pasadena; at 8 p.m. May 26-27. Tickets are $38-$128.

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