Humpback Whales: Kid Critic Reviews!

In June, we partnered with MacGillivray Freeman Films and the California Science Center to offer an exclusive free screening of the IMAX film Humpback Whales 3D at the California Science Center’s IMAX Theater. The screening included a Q&A with the film’s Director Greg MacGillivray, and was moderated by NPR “Film Week” Critic, Claudia Puig.

After the screening, kids between the ages of 5 and 15 were invited to submit a review of the film. Ten Kid Critic finalists were chosen, including one winner, Theodore (age 10) who will get to interview the Director!

Congratulations to Theodore and the finalists featured below, who received a special Humpback Whales Prize Package that included a pair of IMAX tickets.


Kid Critic Winner

Humpback Whales Kid Critic Theodore - Things to do in L.A.Theodore – Age 10: I loved this movie. It taught me so much about humpback whales. Now I know how they breathe, communicate, make babies and migrate. People used to hunt and kill them freely but now there are teams trying to stop it. They also count and take care of humpback whales, including the poor animals that accidentally get caught in the trash that we create. The cinematography was beautiful. The close-ups of the whales made me feel like I was in the ocean swimming with them. The IMAX 3D format was especially awesome! It is cool how the filmmakers traveled to different parts of the world to learn about humpback whales. Now I want to support the cause of protecting humpback whales to restore their population. It has inspired me to join a group that works on their behalf. I hope this great movie encourages people to be nicer to whales.

Kid Critic Finalists

Humpback Whales Kid Critic Favianna - Things to do in L.A.Favianna – Age 5: This movie was interesting I loved it. My favorite part was when the mom and the little humpback whale grow up, is like he can do all by himself.

I learned they are happy, they like to splash, and let you take pictures of them. They’re intelligent creatures because they’re my favorites. I learned that you could help the humpback whales to not get killed. I can help to stop the people to catch them. If you see somebody is trying to catch them you can say Hey! You have to stop!

I think other kids will love this movie because is so interesting. When you put the glasses on it can be really terrifying, the whale is looking at you! it is like you can touch it, but is just amazing! You think she is real!

This movie was great, I thought I would be scared but I wasn’t.


Humpback Whales Kid Critic Talitha - Things to do in L.A.Talitha – Age 5: I loved the movie Humpback Whales 3d. The music and songs were really fantastic, and I liked the 3d. I loved wearing the glasses because they made me feel like I could walk into the movie, jump in the water and swim in the sea. I want to save the whales and tell people to stop killing them. My favorite part of all was when I got to talk to the director and ask him “Why do humpbacks have holes on their head?” I found out they have to push water out of them to breathe out of them. What I liked about seeing the moms and babies is that the mom is a leader, and the babies are really cute. I think lots of people should watch the movie so they will want to take care of the humpback whales, too.


Humpback Whales Kid Critic Xavier - Things to do in L.A.Xavier – Age 5: Humpback whales are a majestic animal because of their size and beauty. I liked watching Humpback Whales 3-D. It was exciting and I learned a lot about whale behavior. Watching the movie was like being in the ocean with the whales, seeing them eating in Alaska and then going to Hawaii. I learned many things about Humpback whales, such as:

  • Humpback whales breathe through a blow hole.
  • The boys sing, girls don’t.
  • Each whale has a different tail to identify them.
  • The boy whales fight, over the girls, I think.

Watching the boys fight was my favorite part. There was a lot of splashing and crashing. The part about people killing whales was very sad. I think this movie will make people want to help the whales and make sure they are free.


Humpback Whales Kid Critic  Jake - Things to do in L.A.Jake – Age 7: Come 1, come all to the great IMAX theater at the L.A. Science Center to see the greatest movie you’ll ever see, Humpback Whales! I liked the movie Humpback whales for many reasons. We are lucky that scientist have been studying these whales for years. First, I learned that Humpback whales don’t have teeth they have baleen. Next, humpback whales aren’t tiny, they are bigger than a school bus. Did you know that these whales sing? I bet you didn’t…. there is so much more to learn about these amazing creatures. So, come watch this movie and you will enjoy it as much as I did.



Humpback Whales Kid Critic James  -Things to do in L.A.James – Age 7: Humpback Whales is a new IMAX movie at the Science Center in Los Angeles. My favorite parts of the movie were the whales splashing their tails, the baby whales and their moms, and the whales catching fish. When humpback whales splash their tails they make loud noises and it looks fun, like they’re playing. The movie also shows about how the moms take care of the babies. It takes a year for a baby whale to be born. When humpback whales eat, they scare the fish up to the surface and then they eat them. The whales hunt fish in groups.

I had a great time watching the movie. It made me feel teeny tiny compared to that big, giant whale.


Jacob Kautzky - Things to do in L.A.Jacob – Age 8: It was very, very wonderful and it helped me understand more about humpback whales and a little more about history. It was very, very helpful. I want to save animals in the wild like the humpback whale. This movie was pictured very well. I liked the 3-D because it made me feel like I was underwater with the humpback whales. I want to save animals in the wild like the humpback whale. It was really cool and I hope you want to see it!



Humpback Whales Kid Critic Molly - Things to do in L.A.Molly – Age 8: This exciting and wonderful movie is great and is family fun. Female humpback whales are pregnant for 1 year and get only one calf. That baby whale can stay with their mom for one year to learn. For example, they learn to find food and defend themselves. Then, they are on their own.

These huge majestic animals are beautiful but must be defended. A long time ago people used whales to power up cities and to eat them. Now they are being protected. They were known as our guardians. we need to guard them too.

These whales migrate all over the world. Some even go all the way to Hawaii. Humpback whales migrate thousands of miles from their summer feeding grounds. They go in cold,polar waters like Alaska and Antarctica. They travel to the winter breeding grounds near the equater where it is warm and tropical.


Humpback Whales Kid Critic Ryan - Things to do in L.A.Ryan – Age 10: Humpback Whales leaps into the Science Center on July 3, 2015. These massive sea creatures are making a huge comeback all over the world. This amazing 3D IMAX movie teaches us so much about these once endangered species. I one hundred percent recommend this thrilling movie because I learned a lot about Humpback Whales. Did you know that Humpback Whales go one place to eat and then swim far away to give birth? Krill is their favorite meal. When they eat krill they just open there mouths and suck them up without chewing. Their mouths are wide as a fiat car. Lastly, even though I already said it, “YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS IMAX MOVIE BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME!”


Humpback Whales Kid Critic Eliana -Things to do in L.A.Eliana – Age 14: I saw a screening of Humpback Whales 3D at the California Science Center. The film did an amazing job presenting the life and history of humpback whales. Their history, however, has been a tragic one; whales were killed mercilessly for oil throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries. Because of this excessive whaling, the number of humpbacks went down tremendously, so low that they almost went extinct. Sadly, whaling is still done in some countries and the film inspired me to get involved to help stop it. The cinematography captured awe-inspiring moments of whale behavior I’ve never before seen on film, and the 3D effects made me feel like I was literally swimming right next to a humpback. It gave me a whole new perspective on these incredible creatures. I highly recommend the film to people of all ages and hope it captures everyone’s heart the way it did mine.


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