Teens Showcase Their Savvy in New YouTube Red Series

By Carolyn Richardson

we are savvy

Sarah Webber, left, and Spencer Barbosa get DIY creative on their YouTube show “We Are Savvy.” PHOTO COURTESY YOUTUBE

When I was 11, there were few opportunities to peer into the lives of tweens outside of my immediate community. Today, tweens  have many chances to see how their peers around the world are living. These include a YouTube Red Original series called “We Are Savvy,” which aims to give tweens and teens a refreshing spin on girl culture.

The cheeky magazine-style show set in three of the hosts’ bedrooms premiered in September. It weaves together feature stories with profiles of teen celebrities and savvy YouTubers, handy DIYs, technology, sports, dance and fashion. The first episode sandwiches freestyle dance between an interview with X-gamer (read fancy skateboarder) Lizzie Armanto and a DIY segment on how to turn a bedroom into a staycation oasis.

The cast includes Annie LeBlanc, Sarah Webber, Tehya Silbermann and Spencer Barbosa. LeBlanc is a popular YouTube star who boasts millions of followers on her personal YouTube channel “AcroAnna.” On her “BrayTayley” channel, she and her sister Hayley share sibling shenanigans. The other three cast members boast music, theater, film and TV credits.

“It’s important for us to have our own shows made for us and by us, because we aren’t adults and we don’t think like adults,” says LeBlanc. “We are teens and we should enjoy it while it lasts. You only get to experience this time in your life once.”

“We Are Savvy” will appeal to parents’ sensibilities as well because it showcases girls who are inquisitive and creative, value friendships and possess the agency to explore their personal interests – all while  having fun. It’s mildly educational, but entertaining enough to hold teens’ attention.

“We Are Savvy” is only available to YouTube Red subscribers. The show’s YouTube channel is YouTube.com/WeAreSavvy.

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