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KIPP Raíces Academy Gets National Blue Ribbon Award

Kudos to KIPP Raíces Academy,  named a 2015 National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE). KIPP Raíces Academy was the only school in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and one of only 33 schools in California to receive a 2015 Blue Ribbon award. The East Los Angeles elementary school was chosen as an “Exemplary High Performing School” based on its achievement on state assessments. “KIPP Raíces Academy has shown what is possible for public education in East LA,” said Mónica García. “It is clear that this community of dedicated educators and students has raised the bar,...

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Meet L.A.’s Hummingbirds

Los Angeles is crammed with contradiction. We are plagued by some of the world’s ugliest traffic, yet Terry Masear, best-selling author of “Fastest Thing On Wings: Rescuing Hummingbirds in Hollywood,” says we’re also home to more beautiful hummingbirds than any city on Earth. Angelenos’ increased sightings of these flying jewels are due in large part to the conservation efforts of hummingbird rehabbers like Masear. Locals who put up feeders for the miniature marvels have also helped bolster the population. “Hummingbirds are so magical to look at that they give people who watch them a spiritual boost, a feeling that there...

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special needs - find'em scent kit

Keeping Bloodhounds On the Scent of Missing Kids

Around half of all children on the autism spectrum will wander toward something that interests them, or bolt away from something that is bothersome. And because they have little sense of danger, this wandering can take them away from their caregivers and into unsafe situations. These children often go missing, and according to the National Autism Association, children ages 9 and younger with autism who wander off are killed 42 percent of the time. Time was on the mind of Coby Webb, D.M., when she created the Find’em Scent Kit. Webb is a lieutenant for a Southern California law enforcement...

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special needs -Flydra Project Passion

Animation Contests Seeks Artists With Special Needs

L.A.-based Flydra Creative is an animation studio launched by a group of young up-and-coming animators. They’ve worked at places like Cartoon Network, studied cinematic arts at USC, been YouTube sensations and won awards. Now they want to give other young animators – animators of all abilities – a shot at seeing their ideas for a cartoon character and animated series come to life. The studio has launched “Project Passion,” an animation contest for individuals with physical, social, emotional and cognitive disabilities who possess creativity and a passion for cartoons. The idea is to showcase the artistic gifts, creative ideas and...

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special needs - Reasons to Smile

Down Syndrome Stories That Will Make You Smile

When Andrea Knauss gave birth to her third daughter, Anna, 25 years ago, a nurse came into her hospital room and told her, “God has a big job for you!” The hospital photographer told her, “I guess you don’t want pictures of your baby, do you.” Anna was born with Down syndrome, and the hospital social worker Knauss consulted couldn’t even point her toward a book or video that would help her know what her daughter might be like in the future. Now Knauss and co-author Elizabeth Martins have created “Reasons to Smile: Celebrating People Living with Down Syndrome,” to...

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Hollywood Schoolhouse Celebrates 70 Years

In January, Hollywood Schoolhouse commemorated its 70th anniversary with a Town Hall Meeting and Open House for students, parents, alumni, prospective families, and more. Joined by Los Angeles City Councilmember, David Ryu, event guests honored Hollywood Schoolhouse’s founders and celebrated seventy years worth of campus and program transformations. With its humble Hollywood beginnings dating back to 1945 as the Small Fry Nursery School, Hollywood Schoolhouse has since grown to house 300 students (Preschool through Sixth Grade) who matriculate on to Los Angeles’ top independent, secondary schools. The mission of the Schoolhouse is to nurture the whole child within a diverse...

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6 Most Common Sleep Training Myths Debunked

Have you ever stopped to think about what the definition of “sleep training” really is? Unfortunately, several incorrect sleep training stereotypes exist, suggesting that the practice requires parents to do everything from shutting the door on an 8-week-old baby for 12 hours, to eliminating nighttime feedings, to surrendering your family values to a sleep trainer who stays overnight at your home for several weeks. As a sleep consultant, I’ve heard it all. No matter what sleep preferences you believe in for your baby, read on to learn what sleep training really is, and what it doesn’t have to be. 1)...

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Doc Talk: Why There Are No Accidents

The other day, a 9-year-old came in to the emergency department with an elbow fractured in a way that required a surgical repair with metal pins, and a cut across the middle of his forehead that required plastic surgery. He had tried to skateboard down six stairs. In emergency medicine, we don’t call these “accidents,” because the injuries that happen by accident are almost always preventable. And the key to preventing these injuries in kids is proper supervision by parents. You shouldn’t let your kids treat your home and furniture like playground equipment. Easily 80 percent of the injuries we...

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Trinity Classical Offers College Credit to Students

Students Can Earn Transferable College Credits Potentially Saving Students and Their Families over $30,000 in Tuition, Books and Supplies Trinity Classical Academy, a high school in Santa Clarita, now offers their junior and senior students the opportunity to participate in its Dual Credit Program and earn high school and college credits simultaneously for 11 of their existing Honors and AP Classes. The college credits Trinity students earn may transfer to over 650 colleges and universities in the country. “We are so encouraged to be able to offer the Dual Credit Program to our students and families,” said Liz Caddow, co-founder and...

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8 Creativity Boosters for Kids

One of our jobs as parents is to find new ways to inspire and encourage our children’s curiosity, creativity and interest in the world around them. Try these eight tips to spark your child’s inner artist, actor or architect. Role Playing. How often have you heard the words, “Mom, can you play with me?” And what kind of games do our kids want to play most? The most exciting and creative play is role playing, allowing kids to make up games, songs and stories, try on different outfits and create characters’ voices. These games can go on for hours, and...

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