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Doc Talk: Are You Ready for Flu Season?

Cold and flu season is upon us. Margaret Khoury, M.D., pediatric infectious disease specialist and the regional lead of the Kaiser Permanente Southern California Flu Vaccination Program, says we never know how long or severe the season will be, but that Australia – which has its flu season during our summer – has reported an early start to the season and twice as many cases of flu as they had last year. “We are really very worried that this is going to be a tough winter for all of us,” she says. While the common cold is generally a milder...

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Don’t-Miss Events For October

This month, you can check in with Doc McStuffins and Doktor Kaboom, work a vintage printing press, go on a Paw Patrol Adventure or enjoy California’s past, the jazzy age and a fairy tale about feathers and fire.


Books and Babies: A Diaper Problem Leads to a Solution

When Michelle Franke and her husband had their first baby eight months ago, they assumed they had enough diapers to last them for months. But most of the diapers they received from their baby registry were newborn-size, and their son, River August, outgrew them – and the next few sizes – quicker than the couple had imagined. “He is our first, so we had no idea we would end up with all these extra diapers on our hands,” Franke says. And while River August’s outgrown clothes and equipment were easy to donate, the diapers, especially opened packs of diapers …...

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chris pegula

Chris Pegula: The Diaper Dude

Armed with a degree from NYU, Chris Pegula began his career in pursuit of his dream of acting. But parenthood shifted Pegula’s perspective and family life became his main focus. The father of three is the creator of the hip line of Diaper Dude gear for cool dads and author of the newly released book, “Diaper Dude, The Ultimate Dad’s Guide to Surviving the First Two Years.” In the book, he offers practical advice on a wide range of topics, from bonding and baby proofing to potty training and nurturing your relationship with your partner. I recently chatted with Pegula...

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Best Places to See Fall Colors in L.A.

These fun spots to check out fall foliage in the L.A. offer a great way to spend the afternoon with the family. Enjoy the cooler air and sip some cider as you experience all the season has to offer.

Best Cafés For After-School Snacks

Help your kids unwind after a long day at school at one of these cute spots perfect for an after-school treat. Some offer play areas or indoor playgrounds.

Best Places for Apple Picking

Skip the grocery store and see what these fun U-Pick farms have to offer. Little ones will love exploring these fun farms and filling their bags to the brim with apples they picked themselves.

Learn About Middle School From Experts on Sex, Tech and Academics

Once parents have passed through the diapers and sleep deprivation of their child’s infancy and those “terrible twos,” the middle-school years are the next mountain to climb. Children at this age are entering puberty, grappling with its changes to their bodies and brains – and sharing their conflicted and confusing feelings in our continuously connected digital world. At the same time, things at school reach a whole new level of serious. To help parents facing this perfect storm, L.A. Parent is hosting a new edition of its “Connections: Conversations With Parenting Experts” series where I’ll be moderating a discussion about...

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Aligning Your Kids’ Enrichment With Your Big-Picture Goals

My 7-year-old son is a joiner. He plays Little League, basketball and dances in a hip-hop class. When the brochure for after-school enrichment comes home in his backpack, he pores over the choices, circling everything that interests him. This past year, he tried drum lessons, skateboarding, game design and cooking. I love his enthusiasm, but almost every day I see articles online about the dangers of having overscheduled kids. Am I doing him a disservice? Does he need more free time? More time to be bored? Meanwhile, my 5-year-old daughter is at her happiest when I say we’re going to...

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Remember the Rainbow for a Healthy Newborn

Bringing home Baby is one of the most joyful yet daunting times in one’s life. The idea that you are now actually in charge of a human life can be overwhelming, but if you just remember the colors in the rainbow, you can be well on your way to spotting any serious health problems. Before my families are discharged from the hospital after the birth of a child, I like to review this quick and effective tool. Red: If you notice any blood in Baby’s diaper, this warrants a trip to the pediatrician’s office. Blood in the diaper can be...

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