7 Things You Should Do In August

  • Say So-Long To Summer

    Bid adieu to August, too, at Descanso Gardens’ End of Summer Festival, where you can enjoy an evening stroll, do craft projects, listen to live music and gaze up at the stars. (It all ends Aug. 30.)

  • Go LEGO Crazy

    The two-day Brick Fest Live comes loaded with LEGO construction, competitions and collaboration. (Start building Aug. 27.)

  • Be One of the Ondo Dancers

    Gyoza-eating contests, Taiko drumming and the vibrant Grand Parade highlight Nisei Week, which concludes with the traditional Ondo street dance. (Celebrate Aug. 19.)

  • Follow Alicia To Arroyoland

    We’re not in Wonderland anymore. The bilingual play “Alicia In Arroyoland,” having its world premiere, re-invents the timeless tale by setting it in northeast L.A. (Take the journey Aug. 12.)

  • Remember the Elephants

    Learn about the lives of elephants and the challenges they are facing today during L.A. Zoo World Elephant Day Weekend. (Don’t forget Aug. 12.)

  • Find Magic And Animals in the Park

    Help support TreePeople while enjoying Michael Rayner’s masterful magic and encountering animals from the Wildlife Learning Center. (Do your part Aug. 12.)

  • Venture to the Ventura Fair

    The 142nd Ventura County Fair will fill families up with carnival rides, games, live entertainment, fireworks and food. (Have fair fun Aug. 2.)

This month, venture out to the Ventura County Fair, support TreePeople with animals and magic, celebrate Elephants and LEGOs, enjoy a uniquely local Wonderland, and say hello to Taiko drummers and good-bye to summer.

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