Community News: Getting In the Swing of Things

By Daron James

community news

A little professional help from GolfTEC can help everyone in the family get past problems with their swing, and move on to having fun on the course. PHOTO COURTESY GOLFTEC

Imagine a picturesque Sunday morning. A cluster of fluffy cumulus clouds peppers a saturated blue sky as the vivid sun slowly stretches its legs across the horizon. The sounds of chirping birds and the click of a distant water sprinkler wallows in your ear. It’s as if Ansel Adams is supposed to capture this moment, but it’s only you and your seven iron as a ball rests 145 yards from the green. You approach calmly and with one fluid motion – smack! You slice that dimpled sphere into the brush.

If you’re anything like me this has happened to you on a number of occasions. And if golf is this much of a struggle for you, how is your child – who you hope to turn into an enthusiastic buddy on the green – supposed to cope? Thankfully the good people over at GolfTEC aim to improve the wretched swing in all of us. The nationally recognized training facility first opened up in Southern California in 2004 and has now pinned 11 L.A. locations including Pasadena, Woodland Hills, Santa Monica, Huntington Beach and Studio City.

“We’re here to help the entire family progress,” says Matthew Hollis, of the Pasadena location. “By pairing you and your child with a personal golf pro we can provide private instruction that can build self-confidence you or your child might not have on the course.”

After you answer a simple questionnaire, a specialized harness, motion sensors and video cameras record your swing for evaluation. With just two swings and a few minutes of instruction, Hollis was able to dissect and adjust my faults with distinct improvements. “Our goal is to improve the input of your swing so you’ll see better consistent results each time you step out on the course.”

The learning environment is addictive and fun, and when you’re not in a session, GolfTEC allows you to practice on your own or take up a golf club fitting to find that perfect match. Find out more at


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