A Fetching Family Service

By Christina Elston

Parenting Schlep & Fetch

Schlep & Fetch co-founders Bryson Strauss and Ashley Eaton and daughter Ise Grey show off one of their fleet of delivery vehicles. PHOTO COURTESY BRYSON STRAUSS

Necessity isn’t always the mother of invention. Sometimes, it’s parenting fatigue. At least that’s how it worked for Bryson Strauss and Ashley Eaton, who became parents for the first time four years ago. “It’s just so incredibly exhausting having a child,” Strauss says. During one of many sleepless nights, husband and wife looked at each other and said, “We wish someone could just go get us some diapers.”

The result was Schelp & Fetch (www.schlepandfetch.com), a personal delivery service that will bring you diapers – and so much more. From the Palisades to Downtown, and even into Pasadena, if you need to get something from Point A to Point B, these folks can likely help you out.

They will bring you food from local restaurants, buy groceries or drugstore items (adding the cost to the delivery charge) or pick up the laptop you left at a friend’s house. Forgot to send lunch to school with your child? “We’ve picked up several lunches and taken them to school,” Strauss says.

Strauss and Eaton initially went old school to get the word out. “We walked around with our baby in a stroller, putting flyers on cars,” Strauss says. Four years later, customers can order from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. by phone, email, web portal, or the app they launched over the summer.

A base rate of $15 covers delivery within five miles. There is an additional $1 per mile charge for schleps from six to 20 miles out, and a $1.50 per mile charge for schleps of more than 20 miles.

“My wife and I are personally addicted to it now,” says Strauss, whose daughter, Ise Grey, will be 5 in October. The point of the service, he adds, is to let families spend time on the things that are most important. “You don’t need to be in your car driving across town,” he says. “You stay at the beach. We’ll bring you the sunscreen for your baby.”

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