Personalogy Family Fun Game Giveaway – For Friday Game Nights!

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Michelle Burke, left and Lilamani De Silva are founders of Personalogy Family Fun Game. PHOTO COURTESY PERSONALOGYGAME.COM/FAMILY-GAME

L.A. Parent is all about giving you fun ways to engage with your friends and children. Starting today, we’re offering a fun way to get families talking each week in April, game-night style. For the next month, every Friday, we will encourage you to ask your children questions you may have never explored with the help of Personalogy Family Fun Edition, a new card game that’s a conversation starter just for parents and kids ages 6-11. Tag us with family photos of your game night shenanigans, and enter for a chance to win one of five Personalogy Family Fun Edition games on our Rafflecopter giveaway on Facebook at @LAParent to engage each Friday starting March 31.

Personalogy Family Fun, the Personal Trivia Card Game that’s about you and your favorite little people! Purposefully designed to connect parents with kids in a fun, meaningful way. 125 entertaining, funny and zany questions help foster quality time! Questions and answers provide opportunity for kids to laugh and learn about their mom and dad or their grandparents and parents in turn learn about their children.

It’s a small travel-sized box with insightful content. Busy families can take on a road trip, plane or train, and it fits inside a purse, backpack or glovebox.  It’s easily played in 30 minutes at mealtimes, on road-trips or as little as 15 minutes during the car ride to school or while waiting in line.

Storytelling, laughter and face to face interaction is the ultimate goal. Personalogy, the laugh-out-loud discovery game made Amazon’s Top 100 Card Games for 2015. The game is recommended for kids age 6-11 and includes parent/adult cards.

They share a love of family, friends, playing games, ruckus laughter, and the outdoors no matter what the weather. For more information on Personalogy visit their website. Personalogy Family Fun Edition is available on Amazon for $18.95 here.

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