Spread a Little ‘Starlight’ and Help Sick Kids Heal

Wish Lists PhotoHave you ever wished on a star? More than 500 pediatric medical facilities are wishing – through the Starlight Children’s Foundation’s Starlight Wish List. And you can help.

Launched in beta one year ago, the Starlight Wish List program allows hospitals, clinics, respite houses, hospices and camps to publish customized wish lists of critical unmet needs on Starlight.org. People who want to help – and the facilities registered with Starlight help more than 24 million kids every year – can search by geographic location, facility name or specialty served, and simply point, click and ship items directly to their facility of choice.

One-hundred percent of each Starlight Wish List donation directly funds items specifically requested by each facility. Donors receive a tax receipt for their entire contribution.

“The Starlight Wish List program is so much more than just toys and games,” says Tanya Ybarra, M.S., C.C.L.S., a child life specialist at California Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles. “Where you see a can of Play-Doh, I see a tool to help my pediatric patients understand how cancer cells form a tumor, and how we treat it to help them get better.”

Individuals and corporations have thus far donated more than $300,000 in support of pediatric patients and their families. Currently, more than $8.2 million of requested products and Starlight programs await donation on the Wish Lists.

Learn more about the Starlight Wish List program at www.starlight.org/wishlists.

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