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Los Angeles All-Stars and Globetrotters

All-Stars and Globetrotters: Hoops Fans Score Big This Month

This month, L.A. will be the epicenter of great basketball. On Feb. 18, the NBA’s finest take to the Staples Center court for the 67th NBA All-Star Game. But the big game is only part of the NBA All-Star Weekend action. The Rising Stars game and the All-Star Celebrity Game take place Feb. 16, followed by the NBA G League International Challenge, which pits the G League All-Stars against Mexico’s … Read Article

Little Leaders Vashti Harrison

Instagram Challenge Turns into Best-Selling Children’s Book

Rosa Parks was an icon in the civil rights movement that began in the 1950s. But that bold woman who refused to give up her seat on the bus was also once a child. A new book shares the stories of Parks and other female leaders from black history with illustrations that remind us of their quiet beginnings.  “I was a quiet, shy child, and I think it’s important to show young readers historical … Read Article

having more kids

On Having More Kids: When Baby Makes Four

The decision to have a child is one of the most momentous people can make. Those who venture down that path undertake lifestyle changes that transform every aspect of their financial, social and personal lives for decades to come. An equally momentous transition can be the one from one child to two. Add a sibling and you’re upending things for yourself, your co-parent and your first child. … Read Article

Sharing the Love of Reading from Cover to Cover

Children’s books have a magical quality. The great ones make you fall in love – with the characters, the story, the setting. Our childhood favorites made our world larger and our connections deeper. They reminded us that we weren’t alone and that endless possibilities were waiting for us. At L.A. Parent, we want every child to experience the magic that lives inside the pages of a special book. … Read Article