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Family Movie Review: Take the Leap!

Jumping into theaters Aug. 25 is “Leap!” This Weinstein Company animated film doesn’t feature talking animals or cars, and it doesn’t seem to have been created to spawn a series of sequels or a line of merchandise. This film was made just to be a movie, and there is a something greatly refreshing about that. A coming-of-age tale filled with comedy, adventure, music and dance, “Leap!” tells the … Read Article

Progressive Santa Barbara Family Travel With Kids In Tow

I’ve always been a traveler, and before my kids were born my trips were often to exotic destinations such as Argentina and Peru. I valued the challenges of those kind of trips: Figuring out the transit system, running the exchange rate in my head and picking up key expressions in the native language. To do any of those things successfully felt like its own reward. But having two small children … Read Article

Shop Talk: Back-to-School Fun and Games

A smooth transition back to school starts well before the first day. These NAPPA Award-winning games and gear will help you get ready for the upcoming school year at home, on the go and at school. … Read Article

ucla meteorite collection

UCLA Meteorite Collection Rocks Your World

As you’re looking to fill the long days of summer with educational activities for the kids, we’ve got one to add to your list: the UCLA Meteorite Collection. The experience is free and open to the public most days of the week, offering hands-on learning opportunities about those crazy rocks that sometimes fall from the sky. On Sunday, docents are on hand to guide visitors. Bonus: it’s … Read Article