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danica mckeller

Danica McKellar: On Making Math Fun During Your Child’s Wonder Years

Known for her role as Winnie Cooper on the popular coming-of-age TV series, “The Wonder Years,” and for her bestselling math books aimed at tweens and teens, Danica McKellar is now on a mission to make math fun for even the youngest kids. Her whimsical picture book, “Goodnight Numbers,” which debuted last month and landed at number seven on the New York Times picture book bestseller list, … Read Article

Inclusivity in Hollywood

Inclusivity in Hollywood: Young Actors With Disabilities Find Benefits on Stage and Screen

At first, MacGregor Arney used acting as a way to become someone other than the kid with cerebral palsy. “I just wanted to be normal,” says Arney, who is now 26. When he started taking theater classes at Western Michigan University, Arney’s perspective started to evolve. He began to realize that his CP, which affects the functioning of his left hand and leg, wasn’t something he needed to … Read Article

ben lee

Ben Lee’s New Release is Philosophical Family Fun

Ben Lee has made a lot of albums since recording his first songs as a teenager in Australia, but his most ambitious might be his latest – a children’s album entitled “Ben Lee Sings Songs About Islam For The Whole Family.” These songs are thoughtful, educational and catchy. Lee hasn’t composed religious songs as much as songs about a religion. Several years ago, Lee, who now makes Los Angeles … Read Article

early childhood special needs

Inclusive LA: The Preschool Launching Pad

Choosing a preschool is a process so fraught with confusion and pressure that some have quipped it is as difficult as choosing a college. While that might be an overstatement, for parents of children with disabilities, choosing a preschool can be an especially challenging and frustrating experience. Preschool is usually the first time parents send their kids out into the world. With a dizzying … Read Article