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Celebrate 35 Years with L.A. Parent

You're Invited to Our Birthday Bash at The Original Farmers Market! 2015 is a special year for L.A. Parent; it's our 35th anniversary and to celebrate, we're throwing a Birthday Bash at The Original Farmers Market, Los Angeles! Join us Sunday, August 2 from noon to 3pm to celebrate this milestone. We want to bring the community together and show our appreciation for all of the support throughout … Read Article

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Take A Cinematic Journey To Tomorrowland

There are several Disney films based on amusement park attractions – and several Disneyland attractions based on films. In the park’s Tomorrowland, movie-based rides include Star Tours, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters. For the first time, Disney is giving an entire land – Tomorrowland – the cinematic treatment. And this leaves questions. With ride-based films … Read Article

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Parenting and Business: Connecting With Customers

Our families and our business consume every waking moment of the day – and sometimes most of our nights. We are in the moment-by-moment flow of parenting and taking care of a healthy family, as well as growing and creating a healthy business that will provide for our family today and tomorrow. When you have a family with more than one child, just as when you have a business with multiple … Read Article

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3 Ways to Help Boost Your Teen’s Self-Esteem after Rejection

Rejection is never easy. More difficult to handle, as a parent, is the rejection of your child. You feel responsible and take the rejection personally. You ask yourself, How did I fail as a parent? But even more, you ask yourself, What can I say or do to mend my child’s broken heart? As a mother or father, you’re usually at a loss as to what to do in the face of your teen’s rejection. Being a … Read Article