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LAP 35 years square

Celebrate 35 Years with L.A. Parent

You're Invited to Our Birthday Bash at The Original Farmers Market! 2015 is a special year for L.A. Parent; it's our 35th anniversary and to celebrate, we're throwing a Birthday Bash at The Original Farmers Market, Los Angeles! Join us Sunday, August 2 from noon to 3pm to celebrate this milestone. We want to bring the community together and show our appreciation for all of the support throughout … Read Article

Learning Chinese Square

Five Reasons Your Child Should Learn Chinese

It’s no secret that getting into college is harder than ever. More students are applying, and many are applying to multiple schools to ensure they are accepted to multiple schools and have options. According to The Washington Post, admission rates at top colleges are dropping. Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Stanford only admit 5 to 5.3 percent of candidates. Even state schools are becoming … Read Article

1-Teaching Gratitude

Three Keys to Teaching Kids Gratitude

It can be difficult as parents to maintain our sense of gratitude. Our days are often full of activity, stress and fatigue. Sometimes the idea of writing in a gratitude journal can feel like the last thing we want to tack on to the end of our day. And yet we know that the more we set an intention to practice gratitude in our daily lives, the easier it becomes. Our gratitude practice starts to … Read Article

Holocaust Art Square

New Holocaust Art Exhibit is a Multigenerational Project

“The Art and Life of David Labkovski” exhibit on display at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust through June 14 doesn’t just depict Jewish life in Europe before, during and after World War II. It preserves a unique perspective for new generations. And it took multiple generations to make the exhibit happen. Leora Raikin, an artist and lecturer on African folklore embroidery, had a … Read Article