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Shooting Stars Square

Shooting Stars Registration

Here's where you can register for our 2014 Shooting Stars Cover Kids Contest, coming Oct. 11 to Plaza El Segundo. The first 200 children to pre-register and pre-pay will receive VIP gift bags!   … Read Article

Terranea Getaway Square

Win a Terranea Girlfriends Getaway!

Has it been awhile since you and your gal pals got away? Here is a fantastic opportunity! … Read Article

Westlake Square

How Girlfriends Getaways Help Moms Recharge

Women – especially moms – tend to take care of everything and everyone but themselves. And as important as our daily responsibilities might be, there is real value in taking a moment to rediscover what it is we want out of life, to re-establish our priorities and our passions. A wonderful way to kick-start this process is a night out, or even a weekend getaway, with our special … Read Article

Tinkering School Square

Creation Classes and Workshops For Little ‘Makers’

The “maker” movement, a DIY wave that has swept the country, has plenty to offer kids and families. If your child loves to make art, repurpose used materials into new inventions, design robots, or build giant structures for the sole purpose of knocking them back down, here are some options that are sure to challenge and delight. What happens when you get a group of enterprising artists and … Read Article