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Learn About Middle School From Experts on Sex, Tech and Academics

Once parents have passed through the diapers and sleep deprivation of their child’s infancy and those “terrible twos,” the middle-school years are the next mountain to climb. Children at this age are entering puberty, grappling with its changes to their bodies and brains – and sharing their conflicted and confusing feelings in our continuously connected digital world. At the same time, things … Read Article

preschools in los angeles

Preschools in Los Angeles: 9 Things Your Child Should Learn

Last fall, as I watched my son run down the walkway toward his new kindergarten classroom, I noticed that he appeared tinier than usual. I looked at the other children, products of preschools in Los Angeles, flowing past him and realized that he was, in fact, considerably smaller than most of them. As his R2-D2 backpack flapped against the backs of his knees, I wondered whether we had made a … Read Article

stem in los angeles schools

Adding an M to STEM in Los Angeles Schools

Just who’s putting all this steam into STEM in Los Angeles Schools? Take a straw poll, and you’ll hear credit for the classroom technology boom assigned to a variety of individuals. Topping the list are the scores of ever-inventive teachers, principals and heads of school who are willing to experiment and generous parents and donors offering their time, expertise and funds. Finally, there … Read Article

L.A. Neighborhoods

7th Annual Found L.A.: Exploring L.A. Neighborhoods

L.A. County is a mammoth of a place, with some 10 million people and counting. It is made up of more than 4,084 square miles of hills, valleys and highways. With its multitude of L.A. neighborhoods and famous and obscure sites, getting to know – really know –  this place can take a lifetime. If you and your family are ready to sink into the folds of the real L.A., explore historic sites, view … Read Article