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Jingle Square

A Guide To Ringing In the Holidays

As a kid, I never thought of the holidays as a stressful time of year. I was too busy playing and enjoying the moment. But when adulthood hit, I found myself rushing around, squeezing social obligations into an already-busy calendar, braving crowds at the mall and spending money I didn’t have. Oh ... I get it now. Holidays = Stress. This year, I plan to reclaim this joyous time of year by … Read Article

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Motherhood and Managing the Holiday Blues

Most of us have an image in our minds of the perfect family holiday: Sitting together around a table eating a delicious meal and sharing family stories, or maybe cuddled in front of the fireplace with beautiful decorations all around, exchanging gifts. But these pictures often aren’t as close to our reality as we would like. The pressure to create beautiful holiday memories, coupled with the … Read Article

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Are Those Toys Safe, Ducky?

The baby board book, featuring lots of colors and textures meant to stimulate developing brains, was labeled “organic.” Josh Kasteler tested it anyway, and found that the packaging contained such a high level of phthalates – chemicals widely believed to disrupt hormone levels – that it contaminated the book as well. Kasteler, a biochemist and molecular biologist who founded Santa Monica-based … Read Article

Wishing Tree Square

Tree Makes Wishes Come True at CityWalk

Universal CityWalk and NBC4 Southern California are collaborating to present the first-ever “The Wishing Tree” event, inviting the public to pay it forward by making a wish for someone deserving. From Nov. 27 through Dec. 22, visitors to the Los Angeles attraction may place their wishes for friends and family next to the trees adorning Universal CityWalk’s “5 Towers” plaza. NBC4 viewers can … Read Article