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Family Travel Tips: Hawaii Island-By-Island

The Hawaiian Islands are just one flight away and have so many things to do. Here are the island-by-island highlights. Hawaii Island You can enjoy free Polynesian dance performances on the streets, at libraries, shopping centers and even churches year round, and the world’s most recognized hula competition, the Merrie Monarch Festival (, takes place here. Hawaii Volcanoes … Read Article

Summer Camp in Los Angeles

#CampReady: C is for Couselors-In-Training

Not all leaders are born. Some have been cajoled into leadership roles and molded into leadership material with the help of summer camps in Los Angeles. At least that’s Sasha Karlova’s story. While the young Karlova was soft-spoken and reticent, her mentors glimpsed a spark in her that they sensed could be stoked into something more. “Leadership is not something that comes easily for me, but I … Read Article

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Family Travel: Ojai Rising

There’s something in the air in Ojai for family travel. Or, perhaps, in the earth. Whether it’s the sedative effect of spring’s sweet citrus harvest wafting over the breeze, the breathless awe of sunset’s famed “pink moment” against the Topa Topa Mountains, or the unseen pull of an actual electromagnetic vortex, Ojai has long drawn artists, spiritual seekers and those of us looking to escape … Read Article

Our 5 Fave Los Angeles Weekend Freebies (April 28-29)

This coming weekend’s picks are a festival of festivals, with an arts and children’s festivals downtown, a music festival and art walk in South Pasadena and a fiesta on Broadway. And we’ve thrown in a poetry slam for good measure! The festivities start Friday in Grand Park, as the Our L.A. Voices: L.A. Arts Festival kicks off from 6-10 p.m. The weekend-long celebration, continuing 1-10 p.m. … Read Article