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Cover Kids Search 2018

Welcome to our 2018 Cover Kids search. We love showcasing some of L.A.’s most delightful young faces on our cover each year. Here is your family’s chance to be a part of the fun. To enter, fill out the registration form below, submit payment of $25 per entry and upload a high-resolution photo of your child. High-resolution photo files are generally at least 1MB in size. Vertical photos … Read Article

Keeping the Holidays Inclusive and Fun for All

Keep things simple. Plan ahead. Stay flexible. Keep the lines of communication open. They may seem like common-sense tips for just about any life situation, but for parents of children with disabilities, these bits of wisdom are especially applicable during the holiday season – a time of year that is often as stressful as it is joyous. You want to celebrate just like – and often in the … Read Article

snow in los angeles

Snow Will Blanket Los Angeles This Month

Southern California is known as the land of sun, but in December we import a little snow. If you are looking to have a blast of wintry fun, there are plenty of places to have a (snow)ball.   Just a mile or so away from Dodger Stadium, where the boys of summer play, you can play winter games at Snow Day L.A. (The Old Lodge, 2002 Stadium Way, L.A; from 6-10 p.m. Fri.-Sun. … Read Article

Parenting in Los Angeles

LOOM Puts Parents’ Wellness First in Community Hub

When you think of parenting classes, is your first thought learning how to address your baby’s needs or your own? Given the child-focused way parenting is addressed in our society, the answer is rarely the latter, but LOOM, a new community hub in L.A., is aiming to change that.  The company’s mission is to exist as “an inclusive, inviting and judgment-free space for both birth and non-birth … Read Article