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touch a truck

Get Touchy with Trucks

Big vehicles and little kids just seem to go together, which explains the ongoing popularity of Southern California Children’s Museum’s Touch-A-Truck day. Now in its fifth year, this event gives children a chance to get a good close-up look at a variety of big vehicles – and climb into and explore them. Emergency vehicles, large trucks, recreational vehicles and other heavy machinery will be on … Read Article

Remember the Rainbow for a Healthy Newborn

Bringing home Baby is one of the most joyful yet daunting times in one’s life. The idea that you are now actually in charge of a human life can be overwhelming, but if you just remember the colors in the rainbow, you can be well on your way to spotting any serious health problems. Before my families are discharged from the hospital after the birth of a child, I like to review this quick and … Read Article

Aligning Your Kids’ Enrichment With Your Big-Picture Goals

My 7-year-old son is a joiner. He plays Little League, basketball and dances in a hip-hop class. When the brochure for after-school enrichment comes home in his backpack, he pores over the choices, circling everything that interests him. This past year, he tried drum lessons, skateboarding, game design and cooking. I love his enthusiasm, but almost every day I see articles online about the … Read Article

chris pegula

Chris Pegula: The Diaper Dude

Armed with a degree from NYU, Chris Pegula began his career in pursuit of his dream of acting. But parenthood shifted Pegula’s perspective and family life became his main focus. The father of three is the creator of the hip line of Diaper Dude gear for cool dads and author of the newly released book, “Diaper Dude, The Ultimate Dad’s Guide to Surviving the First Two Years.” In the book, he offers … Read Article