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L.A. Parent Launches ‘Connections: Conversations With Parenting Experts’

Join us as family experts discuss a wide range of parenting topics that will contribute to the growth of resilient, confident and happy children. Our new speaker series launches at 7 p.m. Aug. 31. Join us at the Beverly Hills Public Library (444 N. Rexford Dr.) to hear from Pat Levitt, Ph.D., Roma Khetarpal and Dawn A. Kurtz, Ph.D. Admission is free, but space is limited. Preregistration … Read Article


Is Homework Worth Kids’ and Parents’ After-School Time?

Is the deluge of after-school tasks a necessary character builder or a waste of kids’ time? As we look back over our school days, most of us can remember a particularly torturous homework assignment – an English essay, a science project, maybe a history presentation – that kept us up past midnight or ruined a weekend. Or a perfect storm when a lack of communication between teachers meant two … Read Article

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“Kubo And The Two Strings” Hits All The Right Notes

Some movies are easy to describe. Like the one where a boy discovers an alien stranded on Earth. Or the film about a dad searching for his lost son (OK, father and son are fish). Then there are the movies that aren’t simple to synopsize – such as “Inside Out” or any of “The Avengers” films. “Kubo and the Two Strings,” the latest cinematic offering from the wonderfully creative folks at Laika … Read Article

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On The Record: Becoming a Butterfly Parent

Rhinoceroses are strong, have endurance and thick skin. A rhino charges toward its goals and never stops until it gets there. As a child, my bedtime stories were not about princesses and unicorns. They were about living life like a rhinoceros and not a cow. When I became a mother and had little rhinos of my own, I naturally wanted the same for them – to be strong and determined. As my … Read Article