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lunar new year los angeles

Pig Out on Lunar New Year Celebrations

The Lunar New Year – 4717, the Year of the Pig – begins Feb. 5, so celebrations are beginning in late January. The Three Little Pigs are part of the Lunar New Year Procession at California Adventure ( vibrant parade, led by Mulan and her dragon Mushu, includes Chinese dragon puppets, powerful drummers and graceful dancers. During the park’s Lunar New Year Celebration, which runs Jan. 25-Feb. 17, guests can...

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January L.A. Events

7 Things L.A. Families Should Do in January

The first month in 2019 promises great fun for families. You’ll find tricky bricks, historical figures, classic literature, amazing acrobats and terrific concerts among our top picks. Lego lovers will find bliss at Bricks LA, which offers big-time Lego brick play, amazing Lego displays and an array of Lego vendors at the Pasadena Convention Center Jan. 5. Join Ben Franklin and some of his “revolutionary” pals Jan. 19 to celebrate...

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iFLY all abilities

Defying Gravity and Disabilities with iFLY

Who hasn’t imagined what it would be like to fly? To break free of the bonds of Earth and float upward? The folks at iFLY at Universal Studios CityWalk have been making that happen for folks for more than a decade. For the past year, they’ve been flying those who not only want to overcome the pull of gravity, but the pull of their disabilities as well. iFly is a...

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pixar pier

Pixar Pier Brings “Incredible” Fun to Life at Disneyland Resort

The arrival of “Incredibles 2” didn’t just kick off the summer movie season. The superhero family has given PixarFest a boost and the opening of Pixar Pier a bang! The Incredibles are the centerpiece to new additions at both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. Now that Pixar Pier is open to the public, here’s our take on how to make the most of a day to see it all, with...

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Discover A New Kung Fu Panda, Lego Jedis & The Incredicoaster

The summer months find folks flocking to Los Angeles theme parks, and this summer you will have several new reasons to join the crowds. The new Pixar Pier opens June 23, taking over a large section of Paradise Pier at Disney’s California Adventure. This permanent attraction includes neighborhoods inspired by “The Incredibles,” “Toy Story,” “Inside Out” and other Pixar creations. Don’t miss the high-speed Incredicoaster, which updates the California Screamin’...

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The Drawbridge is Down at the New Legoland Castle Hotel

Legoland’s new Castle Hotel will immerse you in an enchanting world of royal princesses, magic wizards and dragons. Inspired by the popularity of the kingdom-themed rooms at the original resort next door, the hotel is a few short steps from the park entrance – though you’ll probably be hard-pressed to get your kids to leave the lodgings. In fact, good luck getting past the lobby. While you check in, your...

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la zoo creature camp out

Get Wild with L.A. Zoo’s Creature Camp Out for Families

“Have you ever wondered what happens at the Zoo when the last guest leaves?” As a mom who’s been there literally scores of times with my family, the answer is, "yes."  And you can now be a guest after the L.A. Zoo officially closes. The Zoo offers an overnight opportunity for families and you don't need to bring your own tent or food or electricity to do it. I’d heard of family classes, Zoo...

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Your Family Can Feed a Giraffe a Snack

Put “feed a giraffe” on your bucket list – then check it right off by pitching in at one of the Los Angeles Zoo’s giraffe feedings. Just $5 gets you three acacia stems – one of the giraffe’s favorite foods, plucked fresh from the zoo landscaping – to feed to one of the zoo’s Masai giraffes. You’ll be so busy watching that 18-inch tongue stretch to collect acacia leaves and...

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