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Tweens and teens in Los Angeles

Tween Time: Nosferatu vs. Vampyr

Two of the earliest, and greatest, of the hundreds of vampire movies out there are appearing on big screens this Halloween season. On Halloween night, the LA Phil ( will show “Nosferatu” (pictured) at 8 p.m. at Disney Hall for its annual “Organ & Film” program. The 1922 silent film will be accompanied by acclaimed organist Clark Wilson. “Nosferatu” is perhaps the best film … Read Article

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Share, Care and Give With Food

Aihui Ong knows the universal power of food to show that we care. Years ago, reeling from a divorce and burned out from a 12-year career as a financial software engineer, Ong embarked on a backpacking trip that took her to 20 countries over 12 months. One of her biggest takeaways from her adventures was that “food is the common denominator in terms of showing our love, regardless of the culture or … Read Article

Birthdays That are So L.A.

Kick your child’s star power up a notch on their special day the L.A. way, with a one-of-a-kind celebration served up with a touch of the delicious, the wild and a side of the fantastic. Why not knock a few things off the bucket list while they’re young, and let the adults come along for the enchanting ride? Around-the-World Adventures in Ice Cream The idea began, once upon a time, at a … Read Article

Sign Up Now for L.A. Parent Cover Kids

Your child could appear on the cover of L.A. Parent, and you can enter our search online! Register ($30 fee per child), submit your photo and receive (within 4-6 weeks) your child’s photo on a mock cover of L.A. Parent. We’ll choose up to 25 finalists to visit the L.A. Parent offices for callbacks, and choose up to 12 adorable kids to feature on our cover. Enter and submit your photo … Read Article