Ron EpsteinRon Epstein

With more than 25 years’ experience in the publishing and media industries, Ron is the publisher of L.A. Parent and president of Epstein Custom Media. He is the proud father of two daughters, and counts the beach and Dodger Stadium (he’s pictured there in this photo) among his favorite places to go with his family. Ron is the president of the Parenting Media Association.
Elena EpsteinElena Epstein

Elena is L.A. Parent’s Director of Content and Strategic Partnerships, working closely with experts in the community to bring our readers the best information on education, pediatric health and the latest in child development. Strolling through the vegetable and fruit stalls of her local farmers’ market has been a Saturday morning tradition for almost two decades. Elena is a mom of two, and loves to spend time with her family exploring the varied neighborhoods of L.A.
Christina ElstonChristina Elston

Christina is Editor of L.A. Parent, watching over the various ways we reach out to our readers and gathering and crafting content to help families navigate parenting in Southern California. She is also a passionate cook, voracious reader, dedicated yogi, and mom to one daughter and twin German shepherd rescue dogs.
Cassandra Lane

Born and raised in Louisiana, Cassandra, Managing Editor of L.A. Parent, made the transition from La. to L.A. in 2001. She was most recently community relations manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers, where she learned to cheer on her team like a real Angeleno. Cassandra has also served as a newspaper journalist, high school English and journalism teacher, college application advisor and senior writer for a nonprofit committed to improving the quality of early care and education for L.A. County children. She and her husband are having fun raising their son, who currently wants to be an astrophysicist, filmmaker and video game developer.
Michael BerickMichael Berick

Michael is L.A. Parent’s Calendar Editor. Besides hunting and collecting the events happening around Southern California, he also likes to go out with his wife and daughter and do a few of the things that he writes about. Michael loves a wide variety of music (he serves as the NAPPA Music Judge), is a big sports fan (following the perennially non-championship teams from his hometown Cleveland) and a lo-fi foodie (for him, cool comfortable food tops haute cuisine).
Sharon BeauregardSharon Beauregard

Sharon is an Account Executive and works with businesses in West L.A., Santa Monica and the beach communities. She spends every Saturday at Shadow Hills Equestrian Center, where she volunteers in the Equine Therapy program for children with special needs. Being with the kids and seeing the smiles on their faces is what recharges Sharon.
Mia Pierre-Jacques

Mia is an Account Executive who works with businesses in the San Gabriel and east San Fernando valleys and the mid-city area. The mom of two has 23 years of experience in media advertising, including positions at  Time Inc., Viacom and Modern Luxury – L.A. Confidential. Along with her family, her loves include Disneyland parks all over the world, good food, movies, exotic beaches, jazz music and hanging out by the pool.

Michelle Thiebold

Michelle is an Account Executive serving clients in the west San Fernando Valley. She grew up in the South Bay and worked in advertising at weekly South Bay publications for more than 15 years before joining L.A. Parent. When she’s not at her desk, you can often find her on local hiking trails or at the beach with her two daughters. She also loves going to the movies and enjoying live music, and is always up for a new adventure.

Cindy Hadash

Cindy is our Operations Manager, and her ever-present smile is the glue that holds our team together. Most readers and clients speak with Cindy when they call – and Cindy loves it. Her favorite place is her aunt and uncle’s ranch in Northern California, where she can smell the hay, breathe the fresh air and take care of the horses – all while surrounded by beautiful mountains. She is the proud mom of one beautiful daughter.
Jen GentileJen Gentile

Jen is our graphics genius, in charge of the look and feel of our magazine, websites and email newsletters. Whatever we do, Jen makes it look pretty! When she’s not chasing after her two young boys, she loves to make candles, cook gourmet meals and kill it at spin class.
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