A Play Date With littleBits

By Elena Epstein

littlebits-squarePlay dates are always fun, but getting to play the super cool creative engineer on the Disney campus is especially fun! L.A. Parent joined littleBits last week at Disney’s Creative Campus for an exclusive play date to unleash our inner inventor.

Ayah Bdeir, creator of littleBits, joined the kids and adults with her product development team for a hands-on exploration of the modular electronic circuit blocks that easily snap together with magnets. The preassembled circuits provide unlimited potential for creativity and encourage kids to get curious about science and technology in a fun way.

Two new, award-winning littleBits kits – the Rule Your Room Kit and the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit – were introduced at the event. During the play date, kids had a chance to create an app-enabled car, touch-activated burglar alarm, or a touch-activated animated Disney collage.

The Rule Your Room Kit allows kids to create touch-activated inventions to personalize their space. Maybe they want to use a banana to move their computer cursor or high-five to turn on a light. Or perhaps they want to create a burglar buzzer or a top-secret safe to protect their favorite stuff. The kit comes with a comprehensive guide to create eight touch-activated inventions. Kids can also download the littleBits app or visit littleBits.com/invent for additional inventions and inspiration.

The second edition of the popular Gizmos & Gadgets Kit has a new wireless Bluetooth Low Energy Bit that enables kids to control their inventions through smartphones or tablets using the littleBits Invent app as a personal invention advisor. Kids can build anything from a crawling inchworm to a DIY arcade game, then control them with a tilt, shake, or tap of a smartphone. The new edition includes 13 reusable electronic building blocks, instructions for 16 inventions, a mix of other accessories and tools.


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